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  1. 2 hours ago, Ozark Huckleberry said:

    ETA: Connecting with Joe's post above -- I believe that a lot of people in the debate have the sense of being 'steamrollered', and have a, 'Where's it going to end?' perspective.


    I was poking fun at the selective idiocy of the "ban everything" movement and the blatant display of intolerant ignorance.

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  2. 22 minutes ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    There should be a SASS category. Maybe Baptist model A



    Wouldn't work - all the footwork on the throttle, brake, and clutch might lead to dancing.  :D

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  3. Airman Snuffy is at times an instructional figure, showing young recruits how to do things. At other times, he's a cautionary tale, illustrating the potential dangers of making poor decisions while wearing the uniform.

    The real Airman Snuffy, Maynard Smith, was both of those things and more; when Smith was notified that he was awarded the Medal of Honor, he was on KP duty as a punishment. Nothing could be more illustrative of his military career.

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  4. Let's just tear down every monument in our republic.  Also tear down most of the historic buildings in New England since many of them were built with money from the slave trade.

    Part of a letter I sent to both my CA Assemblyman and my CA State Senator asking for:


    1.) A resolution calling for the federal government to tear down the Capitol. It is, after all, a reminder of slavery, having itself be built with slave labor.
    2.) A resolution calling for Boston to raze Faneuil Hall since it was built by a family that made its fortune in the slave trade, both directly buying and selling slaves, and also building and provisioning slave ships, and supplying the trade goods used to buy slaves.
    3.) Rename every town, city, village with "San" or "Santa" in their name - after all, we can't have the State promoting any religion, especially one that supported slavery. We also need to rename Los Angeles and Sacramento.
    4.) Remove from any public building or street the names of the slave holders G. Washington and T. Jefferson. And any of the other founders who were slave holders.
    5.) Remove from all public buildings, roads, schools, etc. the names of the genocidal racists Wm. T. Sherman and P. Sheridan for their parts in attempting to exterminate Native Americans.
    5.) Rename Kelseyville, named in honor of another who committed genocide against Native Americans.

    !Faneuil Hall tear it down.jpg

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  5. Close enough. 



    Thanks for posting this video.   I  had seen a video on Facebook,  a small Rodeo in New Mexico,  Anthem sung in Navajo,  kids from many about 5 into early teens standing respectfully,  boys with their hats off,  hands on hearts.  I couldn't find it on YouTube. 

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Our new Chemist went up to the white board and starting listing the chemical ingredients in the components that made up a pepperoni pizza. 


    I remember back in the '70s when the "natural" fad really kicked in and people were starting to use the "don't eat anything you can't pronounce" BS.  A letter to one of the news magazines listed the chemical make up of a "natural, organic" strawberry.  A very long list of difficult to pronounce organic chemicals.

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    Back in the day, David Garrow would give tourists the thrill of a lifetime. He’d drive exactly 42mph and brake at just the right time before going over the cliff. David had it down to a science! David only had one misjudgment. Do you think they should bring back fun activities like this again? Maybe with someone with a little more judgement skills. Anyways, that’s how they use to do it in Glacier Point, Yosemite back in the day.
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  8. 1 hour ago, bgavin said:

    When we lived in Petaluma, Ft. Ross was a frequently visited place for our kids and out of town relatives.
    It's a much longer haul from Sacramento today, than it was back then from Petaluma.


    Since 1925 there has been an annual pilgrimage to Ft. Ross by Russian Orthodox from San Francisco. Think of the challenge of taking the ferry, driving up 101 and SR 1 in your Flivver.  I'll do some digging because I know that there are, or were, more accounts of the journy.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    They did. Before Seward’s purchase, Russians were trapping on the Pacific coast down Ft Ross in California. Ft Ross was so named for Rossiya.



    Wonderful place to visit.  Lots of good restoration.  https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=449  


    Hwy. 1 used to go through the fort, came in on the east gate right in front of the chapel, then out the west gate and turned north.  
    Liturgy by ROCOR on Memorial Day, and OCA on (or near) Independence Day (this year it was on the 5th because Independence Day was on a Sunday).  

    Sandy Cove Beach at Fort Ross State Historic Park

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