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  1. Joe:


    Thank you!


    My wife and I have been feeling the stress of taking my aging Dad into our home - the extra laundry, the special cooking, the unique burdens of caring for elderly parents. Of course, we would not have it any other way - we love him dearly. But every once in awhile, we need to release some frustration with small inconveniences such as the pile of dropped food under his place at the table (he has become our dog's fast friend) - and this pic hits the mark. Thanks for giving us something to laugh about!




    My very great pleasure, sir. Glad that it was able to lift the burden, even if just for a bit.

  2. http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/shasta/shasta-co-men-create-new-part-to-make-guns-like-an-ar-15-legal/293100142


    "This is something that is legally necessary if you don't desire to register your weapon as an assault weapon," Bastiani said.

    For months the two researched and designed parts that they could patent. They realized other people had the same idea, so they hit the drawing board once again. Then in less than two hours they came up with a new idea. They decided to replace the bolt catch on the left side of the gun.

    "I cut some stainless steel... traced around, laid it out, cut it out with a dremel and a file, put it in the gun and said, 'Oh my god, it actually does what I thought it would!'," he said in disbelief. "We kind of lucked out because no one was thinking of the side of the gun we developed our lock for."

    He explained their small steel part does the exact same thing as the other products out there, but only requires one piece of steel.

    "It requires no skill at all to install," he said.

    He added the part should only cost around $10 and would fit on any AR.

    As he laughed and looked at the gun he said, "I hope everyone else thinks its as cool as we do. It's supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be cheap. It's supposed to be desirable in everyway".


  3. https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/12/03/a-boy-from-the-13th-century-who-preserved-his-homework-on-birch-bark/



    Onfim was an ordinary boy who lived in Novgorod, in Russia, during the 13th century. As was common practice at the time, he wrote letters and drew pictures on birch bark with a sharp stylus.

    Accidentally, Onfim created fascinating archaeological data which was discovered centuries after he lived. This unintentional time capsule has provided a unique insight into life in Medieval Novgorod.








  4. Now, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if California were to secede, wouldn't that void a number of agreements giving California priority regarding water, such as that from the Colorado? If that were to happen, would that severely hamper California's agriculture industry, among other things?


    Would many of their products then be considered imports and subject to tariffs?


    Would manufacturers decide to not export things like motor vehicles, or at least price them accordingly, since their CARB standards are burdensome to manufacturers?



    Water from the Colorado River goes to So. Calif. and is used mostly for city use, some goes to ag. in the Imperial and Coahella Vallies. Major crops are lettuce, dates, carrots, melons,


    If CA were to leave the Union, yes, stuff from here would have to be considered imports to the US and subject to tariffs and duties. I doubt that importing cars and such would change much.


    One other thing to consider is how much trade goes through CA ports, both from other states for export and to other states as imports.

  5. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23424399/jpg-vs-jpeg-image-formats

    • The reason for the different file extensions dates back to the early versions of Windows. The original file extension for the Joint Photographic Expert Group File Format was ‘.jpeg’; however in Windows all files required a three letter file extension. So, the file extension was shortened to ‘.jpg’. However, Macintosh was not limited to three letter file extensions, so Mac users used ‘.jpeg’. Eventually, with upgrades Windows also began to accept ‘.jpeg’. However, many users were already used to ‘.jpg’, so both the three letter file extension and the four letter extension began to be commonly used, and still is.

    • Today, the most commonly accepted and used form is the ‘.jpg’, as many users were Windows users. Imaging applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, save all JPEG files with a ".jpg" extension on both Mac and Windows, in an attempt to avoid confusion. The Joint Photographic Expert Group File Format can also be saved with the upper-case ‘.JPEG’ and ‘.JPG’ file extensions, which are less common, but also accepted.



    California and any other State cannot secede from the Union without the permission of Congress.


    I think California splitting into two separate States is a excellent idea. The rural agricultural counties are more conservative which will give us two new Senate seats in Congress.



    CA should realistically be about 7 states split up roughly along the lines of the geomorphic provinces.






    Combine the Klamath, Cascades, Modoc, and the northern bits of the Basin and Range provinces into one state.

    Coast Range gets split into 2 at the Golden Gate.

    Transverse Range is one state.

    Great Valley is one state.

    Colorado Desert could be combined with either the Peninsular Ranges or with the Mojave as a state.

    Sierra Nevada can be combined with Basin & Range into a state.


    That pretty well would divide it up along lines of economic interest.

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