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  1. The worst argument Lisa and I had was about church.   Not going,  but parts of the service. 


    We had gotten home and bedded down after a Liturgy of the Presanctifed Gifts (look it up).  She asked,  "What is happening in the Altar during the Kathisma?" (a set of Psalms) "Kathisma?   What Kathisma?"  She looked at me like I was an idiot.   "What do you mean, "What Kathisma?"  You know,  when we sing (sings a few verses)."  "Oh!  You mean the Antifons!"  "No, the Kathisma."  "There is no Kathima!"  Back and forth a few times,  each convinced that the other is being intentionally dense.  Finally I go get a service book,  she gets a choir binder.  My book calls it Antifon, choir calls the same part Kathisma.  We were both right and both wrong.   We were amazed at how quickly we got irked at each other.   We still laugh about it almost 30 years later.

  2. :FlagAm:WWII uncovered: The "Weary Warrior": The Man Behind the Famous Photo

    During World War II this photograph taken by W. Eugene Smith entitled the “Weary Warrior” circulated throughout Florida and the United States as a representation of the Marines fighting in the Pacific Theater. On July 8, 1944 Smith captured this famous image during the fighting on Saipan. Saipan was declared secure the next day and the photo hit the press. Identified as Thomas Ellis from St Petersburg Florida, this famous photo became a representation of the US Marine. (The First Battalion, 24th Marines Web Archive 1-24thmarines.com)

    Private First Class Thomas Ellis Underwood, of St Petersburg Florida, registered for service with the Marine Corps on October 22, 1942. Thomas was 20 years old. He served with Company B, First Battalion, 24th Marines, Fourth Marine Division. Thomas saw his first action on the island of Namur.

    "Underwood was examined for promotion and re-graded with the MOS of 653 (squad leader) at Camp Maui on 1 April 1944. Corporal Underwood made his third combat landing on the island of Tinian. Fighting for this island lasted just over a week. Underwood and Baker Company were then sent to Iwo Jima. During the intense fighting on D plus 13 Corporal Underwood was fatally wounded on March 4, 1945." (The First Battalion, 24th Marines Web Archive 1-24thmarines.com)

    Corporal Thomas Ellis Underwood was 22 years old. He lies in rest at the Sunnyside Cemetery in St Petersburg Florida. Lest We Forget. 

    Colorization compliments of Johnny Sirlande of Historic Photo Restored in Color. To view more of his work visit: https://www.facebook.com/hprcolor

    #ww2uncovered #greatestgeneration #usmc #worldwar2 #worldwartwo #WorldWarII #ww2history #semperfi #SemperFidelis #honorthefallen #wwiihistory #WWIIveteran #Salute #SaluteAndRespect #marines #WWII #pacifictheater #ww2 #ww2veteran #honor #usmilitary #honorveterans #usmarines 

    Original description sourced by The First Battalion, 24th Marines Web Archive 1-24thmarines.com and ancestry.com. Photo sourced by Historic Photo Restored in Color (used with permission of the artist) Original photographer W. Eugene Smith.



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  3. 1 hour ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:



    It strikes me as a Depression Era recipe.   From my reading of old cookbooks aspics were common,  and even popular,  until around the 1960s.  So maybe it was something kinda fancy to take to potlucks without breaking the bank.


    I've never been a fan of them.   


    What I don't get is the almost violent dislike of cottage cheese.

  4. See the source image



    However, in 1954 Hastings "Pug" Ismay related an anecdote to publisher Rupert Hart-Davis; when Churchill and Ismay were

    travelling together in a car, in which Winston rehearsed the speech he was to give in the House of Commons on 20 August 1940 after the Battle of Britain. When he came to the famous sentence, "Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few", Ismay said "What about Jesus and his disciples?" "Good old Pug," said Winston, who immediately changed the wording to "Never in the field of human conflict...".[

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  5. Found on Facebook 


    "Our family would like to give a shout out to Sgt Benjamin Reinoldt 2nd LAR from Camp Lejeune North Carolina for getting into 18 inches of water to hook up my mothers car and pull it out. Thank You!  Please help make this go viral. A Marine in full uniform did this. Let show him the respect he deserves."





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  6. •Staff Sergeant William Ewing of the 97th Bomb Group in position inside his B-17 Flying Fortress. Image stamped on reverse: 'Associated Press.' [stamp], '212089.' [censor no]. Printed caption on reverse: 'AMERICAN FLYING FORTRESSES WAIT FOR ZERO HOUR. Associated Press Photo Shows: Sgt William Ewing, side gunner and Assistant Radio Operator, from Keytesville, MO inspects the feed belt of his gun.



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  7. 8 minutes ago, watab kid said:

    yes - we are so decadent , we do take a lot for granted that others consider an extravagance , one of the perks of living in a free country ...most of it anyway 


    Things like potable water, fresh produce all year.

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