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  1. First, on MeTV, Svengooli will present 


    A true cinematic masterpiece. 



    Second,  tonight and tomorrow night should be good viewing of Starlink-28.




    For Santa Rosa California. 


    9:15 pm, 29 May 2021
    Starlink-28, BRIGHT (3.1) for 4 mins
    Look from NORTHWEST to SOUTHEAST (details)
    Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 57°, end: 17°
    9:14 pm, 30 May 2021
    Starlink-28, BRIGHT (3.3) for 4 mins
    Look from NORTHWEST to SOUTHEAST (details)
    Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 56°, end: 16°
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  2. Found on FB:



    "This is a mass burial at sea, on the USS Intrepid in 1944 following a kamikaze attack. I've never seen this photo, and I figure most of you probably haven't either. I posted so people can see, and remember the incredible sacrifices made on our behalf."




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  3. 1 hour ago, bgavin said:

    The same hippies and tree huggers that sued and prevented PG&E from cleaning duff and burying power lines.


    Remember last year as the Glass Fire Incident (to use the official name) was going in Sonoma and Napa Counties the idjits around Placerville blocking PG&E from clearing trees from powerlines?

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  4. 6 hours ago, Sawhorse Kid said:


    I should think most of us are dumb enough to try this once.


    Twice.  First time to get the feel of it, second time to show your friends rolling on the ground laughing at you that you really CAN shoot it without it knocking you down!

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  5. One time when I bought a bag of Corn Nuts, I think it was the 7 oz. bag, for some strange reason I read the nutritional information (WHY bother with snack food? although Corn Nuts may possibly be an essential food group) and saw that it had the "serving size 1 oz." nutrition information and along side it the information for the entire bag.  Finally nutrition information that made sense.

    What gets me on the "serving size" is "Servings per can: 3 1/3" or other such idiocy.  Really?  A third of a serving?  

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  6. 7 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    When I was in PR in the Navy in 82 we weren’t allowed off base because of the rioting about getting the Navy out of PR. I have always felt they should be cut loose to fend for themselves. It’s what they want…until they need our money. 


    Remember when they forced the US Navy to stop using the section that had been traditionally used for gunnery practice?  And the Navy said "Fine.  Since we can't do that anymore we'll just close our base in Puerto Rico. "  And then the uproar from the Puerto Rican government that they couldn't do that because of the economic hardship in would inflict on their economy?

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  7. 16 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    I have lots of 20x20 MERV-13 filters and box fans to filter the air inside the house.


    Won't do much good since power gets cut when fire danger is high.

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