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  1. In the mobile home park, there are only a couple, and I usually do a California Rolling Stop is nobody is coming.   In the neighborhoods around us, unless I'm driving at 0:Dark I come to a full stop.  

    There is one left turn light at a "T" intersection , the East/West crossing the "T" and the left onto it, 




    that a couple of times a month doesn't cycle properly.  As in you sit there for 4 or 5 cycles, at least, and it still doesn't change.  Usually in the morning.   After the 3rd cycle I'll just go and make the turn.  


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  2. If asked, yes, I'd pitch in.

    A couple of times I have called out, from about 15 yards, "Officer (or Deputy)!  Do you need assistance?" and, thankfully, always declined.  One was a Sonoma Co. Deputy, rainy night about 2200.  Guy had put is car into a ditch near the church (Holy Week, lots of late services), I had helped him get a door open so he could get out, people in the house near the ditch had been trying to wave me off.  I guess they were listening to a scanner and heard that this particular vehicle had been involved in something or other.  Guy was about 6'2", ~250, drunk or high.
    Anyway, the guy started walking down the middle of the road.  Deputy pulled up, parked to block the road , got out, about 4'12", maybe 120 pounds. She started walking towards the guy. I asked if she needed help.  She waved me off.  Got to the guy and started talking to him. he pushed her, she had him on the ground in nothing flat.  BOOM!  A thing of beauty.

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  3. On 5/1/2024 at 9:12 AM, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:



    RIFLE RANGE!  I found out over the years that I shot better when I went out and got drunk the night before Qualification Day. Muscles were more relaxed.



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  4. 50 minutes ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

    Thanks @Subdeacon Joe for sharing.
    Interesting backstory.



    Hayden Bailey, also known as "The Legless Shed Hunter" and "The Limb Loss Boss", is a working class bowhunter who has a podcast called Working Class Bowhunter. Bailey is from Sparland, Illinois and was previously an industrial HVAC repair specialist when he was involved in a car accident that resulted in the loss of both legs above the knees. He also suffered internal injuries and spent several weeks in a coma. 
    Limb Loss Boss is also the name of a TikTok personality with 1.9 million followers and 49.8 million likes. The character is known for sharing jokes and motivational content.


    Thanks.   I ran across his stuff on YouTube, the one of him changing legs for the school conference,  and found his attitude inspiring and humorous. Thought it might be appreciated here.

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  5. Crewmen check the packing of a slide extension of a 16” gun on board USS New Jersey (BB-62) while at Bayonne, New Jersey, November 3, 1950



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  6. Reading the news reminds me of my favorite HL Mencken quote (circa 1925):

    “Here, more than anywhere else that I know of or have heard of, the daily panorama of human existence, of private and communal folly – the unending procession of governmental extortions and chicaneries, of commercial brigandages and throat-slittings, of theological buffooneries, or aesthetic ribaldries, of legal swindles and harlotries, of miscellaneous rogueries, villainies, imbecilities, grotesqueries, and extravagances – is so inordinately gross and preposterous, so perfectly brought up to the highest conceivable amperage, so steadily enriched with an almost fabulous daring and originality, that only the man who was born with a petrified diaphragm can fail to laugh himself to sleep every night, and to awake every morning with all the eager, unflagging expectation of a Sunday-school superintendent touring the Paris peep-shows.”

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  7. Santa Rosa Police Department <alerts@civicready.com>


    Suspect stole an Ambulance


    On 5/1/24, at approximately 7:53 PM, an employee from the Russian River Pub, located at 725 4th Street, called 911 and reported there was a subject at the business that appeared to be in an altered state.  Santa Rosa Police Officers, along with in Response (mental health services) responded to the call. 

    The subject, later identified as 36-year-old Sonoma resident Jorge Sanchez Rodriguez, told the Officers that he was having an anxiety attack and asked to go to a local hospital.  Officers offered to drive Rodriquez, be he declined and wanted to be transported by ambulance.

    A Sonoma County Fire District ambulance responded to evaluate and take Rodriguez to a local hospital.  An ambulance member was talking with Rodriguez outside of the ambulance, while the other ambulance member was inside preparing to transport Rodriguez to the hospital. 

    Rodriguez started to walk away from the ambulance member, and then suddenly ran to the driver’s side of the ambulance and got into the driver’s seat.  He then drove west on 4th Street with the second ambulance member trapped in the rear of the ambulance. 

    Officers immediately gave chase.  The ambulance turned south onto D Street and then east onto Sonoma Avenue.  Rodriguez continued on Sonoma Avenue and then turned north on Farmers Lane.  As the ambulance approached 4th Street, an Officer was able to deploy a set of spike strips.  (Spike strips puncture the tire with hollow tubes which causes the tire to rapidly deflate).  The Officer was successful in deflating two of the tires on the driver’s side of the ambulance, but Rodriguez continued to drive the ambulance.   

    Rodriguez continued to on Sonoma Highway and turned south on Mission Blvd and then west on Montgomery Drive.  Officers were able to set two additional sets of spike strips along Montgomery Drive.  The spike strips were successful, and all of the ambulance tires were deflated. 

    Rodriguez continued on Montgomery Drive and ultimately stopped at Memorial Hospital.  Rodriguez immediately exited the ambulance and laid face down on the ground with his hands out.  Rodriguez was taken into custody without the use of any force. 

    The ambulance member was safe and uninjured. 

    Rodriguez was placed in the back seat of a patrol car for transportation to the jail.  Rodriguez then began hitting his head against the security screen and kicking at the window.  Rodriguez was removed from the vehicle and ultimately placed on a gurney.

    Rodriguez was ultimately booked at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Center for the following offenses:
    10851 CVC – Vehicle theft (felony)
    2800.2 CVC – Reckless evading (felony)
    207 PC -Kidnapping (felony)
    69 PC – Resisting an executive Officer (felony)
    11550 (a) HS – Under the influence of a controlled substance (misdemeanor)

    The Santa Rosa Police Department in committed to making Santa Rosa a safe place to live, work and play. 

    Media inquiries may be direct to Sergeant T. White at twhite@srcity.org or the on-duty sergeant at 707-543-3625. SRPD Case #24-5192.


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  8. The stripes on the pants were for NCOs and officers.


    Sergeants had, if I recall,  a 1 1/2" stripe, corporals a 1" stripe.


    Officers had 1/2" or 1/4" stripes, I don't remember which.


    The only green jackets, so far as I know,  were 1st US Sharpshooters.  Medics/hospital stewards wore a green sash, or had a wide green stripe on each sleeve and possibly a green collar.  I don't know how accurate the reproduction is







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  9. 18 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:

    Who said anything about tearing up the Constitution? I sure didn’t. 
    Nor did I say I want the government involved. 

    So, you don’t like what I have to say so I should leave the country? 
    Get off your high horse Joe. I have a freedom of speech too. 


    Nope.  Not what I said.  I just suggested that since you seem to be willing to jettison the Constitution and the law and replace them with vengeance and ventetta , that you might be more comfortable in those places. 

    And I didn't say that you couldn't say what you said.  But, again, since you seem to want to set aside law and the Constitution and replace them with blood feud, vengeance, vendetta, that just possibly other systems might suit your temperament better.  Until YOU responded I hadn't noticed who had mentioned those instruments of torture.  Maybe you could find work with the imams.  



     On a purely EMOTIONAL level, I see where you are coming from, but emotion is a dangerous master.  Emotion leads to no law, no protections, only the rule of claw and fang.  

  10. At first glance this seems weird, and to my taste it's way under seasoned.  But if you look at some of the "traditional" pasta sauces it's not that far off.  Think about the ingredients in catsup.  Yes, sweeter, and fewer seasonings, but with some tweaking it's a passable base.


    Pasta Sauce.jpg

  11. 2 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    I’d be happy to operate those devices. Especially on the posers, instigators and useful idiots. 



    No, no....when someone doesn't like what you are doing.    You seem to want to tear up the Constitution.

    As I said, if you want to descend to those levels maybe you would feel more at home in Yemen, Iran, or N. Korea. 


    Myself, I want every impediment to the power of the State possible.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Ozark Huckleberry said:

    Peaceful protests -- sure, even if they are a little loud and obnoxious. Part and parcel of democracy. 'Occupation', intimidation, threats, property damage? Nope.



    I might not like the message, but they have the right to express it...as long as their exercise of their civil rights does not infringe on the civil rights of others.  Including impeding their coming and going on their normal, legal business.  


    As to the suggestions of racks, thumbscrews, iron maiden, etc. I refuse to be lowered to the level of mohammedean "justice" and say to whoever suggested it, you first.  If you want to tear up the Constitution and its protections maybe Yemen, Iran, or N. Korea would be more to your taste.


    I hear people whine about "criminals have more rights than honest citizens" when an obscure clause in the law is used to overturn or prevent a conviction.  I might not agree, but, by Vulcan's left nut, I want those protections from the terrible power of the State in place if I'm ever arrested.  I want every stumbling block, impediment, and obstacle to shield me from that power.  


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  13. This is the translation site I use most often.  It usually gives the translation from three different services and has a back translation feature.  https://imtranslator.net/compare/english/to-russian/translation/

    When the Instagram translator doesn't do the job I cut and paste into that.  There are still some quirks, but it works most of the time.

    5 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    It’s an acquired taste.



    Just like buttermilk and yogurt.  

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