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  1. 35 minutes ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:





                  ......... actually I'm not too sure about me either ... :blush:


    None of us are. :D

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  2. I got a call yesterday,  caller was unsomethingorother so I  didn't answer.  Got home from work and saw I had a voice-mail, "Hi Joseph this is the ******,,, COVID vaccine Clinic calling in regards to your appointment on Monday at 3:10 PM. It does need to be moved to the morning if you could please give us a call at ********* that is our supervisor's phone number and she will be able to help facilitate rescheduling you but you will be needing to be moved to that morning and we will talk to you soon. Again it's ********."   Called back and left a message that it wasn't possible as I had scheduled some time off Monday afternoon for it.


    I got the return call this morning about 1000.  First I  said,  "Sure. I can be there at 6."  "We won't have anyone there that early," said the woman.   Then I  asked just why it had to be moved.  "Our allotment was cut and we don't want to have people waiting around for like 5 people. "  I didn't comment about everyone having problems these days.   Moved it to Tuesday.  I  expect that I will get a call tomorrow telling me that I have to change again.   I'll give them the choice of 0600, coming down and giving me the shot at work,  or sending someone to my place in the evening after I get home. 


    Even before the COVID stuff hit I was getting fed up with what I  see as the rather high handed, we are demigods, attitude of so many in the health care industry.   

  3. 4 minutes ago, Major Crimes said:


    Now your just being silly!:D


    No!  Think about it.   PB and BBQ  has a sort of Thai/Indonesian vibe to it. It would go well with the smokey,  mildly spicy grilled bologna. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

    Newgate Hornpipe


    Same steps as the Tyburn Jig.


    Well said,  sir.


    What really disturbs me is that socialism/communism is exalted and "Nazis" vilified when they are just different faces of the same totalitarian die.   Socialism of all flavors, including National Socialism, communism,  fascism, not a clipped groats difference among them. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Major Crimes said:

    I know this is just going to pander to all the Aussie stereotypes and probably get this thread locked down, BUT.



    BBQ Sauce:P


    That sounds good, too. 


    Maybe even on a nice thick slice of grilled bologna. 

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  6. On 4/15/2021 at 6:02 PM, Michigan Slim said:

    Homemade strawberry jam. Homemade peach jam. Homemade blueberry jam.... Thick. It's a sandwich -fill it.


    Homemade apricot jam.

    Homemade pomegranate jelly.  One of our neighbors had 18 or 20 pomegranate trees and every fall we would pick 2 shopping bags full (4 of today's bags) , take them,  the big cutting board,  a knife,  and the Alcoa Wear-Ever juicer


    Vintage Antique Wear-Ever Aluminum Juicer Hand Press Strainer Citrus  Wearever | Vintage antiques, Antiques, Juicer


    and spend an hour or so cutting and squeezing them.  Next day mom made jelly.  Used whatever small jars we had,  mostly small mustard jars, and seal with paraffin. 

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  7. I just remembered, as a kid I would use catsup on round steak.  

    Hmmm...haven't had round steak in a decade or two.  Used to be just about everyone we knew had round steak once or twice a week.  In Cub Scouts we would all bring the well washed bones in, smooth out the inside, and burn our pack # into them along with our name and use them for kerchief slides. 

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  8. Usually PB & almost any J except grape.  
    Sometimes PB & J & honey.
    Other times, PB on buttered sourdough toast (or a multi-grain toast).

    PB on celery, too.

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    Ah...um...my baby loves the Western movies. 
    My baby loves the Western movies, 
    Bam, bam, shoot 'em up Pow. 
    Ah..um..My babe loves the Western Movies. 

    I call my baby on the telephone 
    To tell her half my head was gone 
    I just got hit by a great big brick 
    She says thanks for reminding me about that Maverick 

    Ah..um...my baby loves the Western movies. 
    My baby loves the Western movies, 
    Bam, bam, shoot em up pow. 
    My baby loves the Western movies. 

    Well there's Jeremy Roller and Old Cochise 
    Jim Hardy, Jim Bowie and Sugarfoot. 
    They all have gun will travel 
    Give me back my boots and saddle uh huh. 

    Here's the story of the certain Wagon Train Mccord 
    A broken arrow has broken my heart. 
    A Jefferson Thomas with Bat Masterson 
    Unties my baby and the fight was won. 

    Ah..um...my baby loves the Western movies. 
    My baby loves the western movies. 
    Bam bam shoot em up pow. 
    Ah um, my baby loves the western movies. 

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  10. 4 hours ago, Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L said:


    What if you put the sheep in high heels?  That would raise them up a couple of inches = longer blades of grass  :P



    Funny, you don't look Scottish! :D

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