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  1. https://news.usni.org/2021/10/23/ecuadorian-navy-sailing-ship-interdicts-drug-smugglers-in-the-pacific


    "A three-masted training ship interdicted a drug-laden high-speed smuggling vessel off the coast of Colombia on Friday, the Ecuadorian Navy announced.

    Sailing ship BAE Guayas caught the low-profile vessel within the 200-nautical miles of the Colombian exclusive economic zone, the service announced.

    “The Guayas School Ship, carrying out its International Instruction Cruise, was able to interdict this vessel for its subsequent capture; These artisan-made LPV-type vessels are regularly used by transnational narco-criminal organizations for the transport of substances subject to control, due to their carrying capacity,” reads a translation of a statement from the Ecuadorian Navy."





  2. 27 minutes ago, watab kid said:

    hope they got a touch of weld or someones going to get a rude handful of surprise 


    Similar ones I have seen were pinned.

    This photo, taken on February 1, 1944, at a farm in Acciarella, Italy, shows a beautiful moment....when the war seemed so far away. On that day, PFC Frederick "Fred" Gonsalves (Barnstable County, Massachusetts) was having a little rest after confronting German forces and coming under heavy fire. That's when a little Italian girl and one of her dogs approached this American hero and sat right beside him. Together, they enjoyed a moment of peace, and briefly forgot the chaos and devastation that surrounded them. Fred survived the rest of the war, returned to Massachusetts, and was welcomed by his beloved wife Phyllis. Together, they raised six children (three boys and three girls) and had a wonderful life. Fred passed away on November 7, 1991, and is now resting in peace at Island Pond Cemetery in Harwich, Massachusetts.
    May be a black-and-white image of one or more people and outdoors
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  4. 1 hour ago, Texas Joker said:

    What did people do before cell phones?



    What did ship captains do before radio?

    What did people do before maps?
    What did people do before a reliable compass?
    What did people do before GPS?
    What did people do before antibiotics?

    What did people do before (insert favorite evil technology)?

    Some died.  Some got found. Some just disappeared.

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