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  1. 1 hour ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    I await your droll comments about the use of the word "dummies" I always forget how to spell mannequin.:P

    I thought you meant
    Image result for 1968 joint chiefs of staff


    Image result for 1968 secretary of defense





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    I'm going through the "Memories" on FB - they had put their little mask over it so you could decide if you wanted to see it or not.

    What a bunch of mental and emotional cripples.


    Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

    I leave you all with this image so as you all quarrel over flags, statues, and monuments......take a peak at what America's finest endure to guarantee our freedoms! Get your priorities straight folks!!!


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  3. Found on FB.  Always a good reminder that not everyone has working brain cells.

    No photo description available.


    No photo description available.




    This is at my local shop/ hangout. Now I know there’s always talk of “booger hooks” and “bang switches” and I’ll be quite honest I find it just as annoying as the next fellow and it does make you sound silly. But that being said it’s not the 99% of folk with common sense that make that phrase somewhat relevant. It’s that 1% of people who just don’t think/ pay attention or use common safety sense that ruin it for the rest of us. So remember yes that’s dumb, and yes you should say it differently. But not everyone has the common sense you do, and never take their word on a firearm’s status. I like to be as silly as the next guy, but when around strangers it’s nice to go above and beyond and make a show of being extra safe. I’ve seen too many people get hurt by being careless and wouldn’t want any of you friends to be added to that list! Can’t fight at your prime in the Big Igloo if you’re a cripple or dead!


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  4. As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating."

    In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying burning twigs to set new blazes. John Pickrell reports.



    “At or around an active fire front, birds – usually black kites, but sometimes brown falcons – will pick up a firebrand or a stick not much bigger than your finger and carry it away to an unburnt area of grass and drop it in there to start a new fire,” says Bob Gosford, an ornithologist with the Central Land Council in Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, who led the documentation of witness accounts. “It’s not always successful, but sometimes it results in ignition.”

    “Observers report both solo and cooperative attempts, often successful, to spread wildfires intentionally via single-occasion or repeated transport of burning sticks in talons or beaks. This behaviour, often represented in sacred ceremonies, is widely known to local people in the Northern Territory,” write the authors behind the find in the Journal of Ethnobiology.

    Gosford points to two Dreaming fire ceremonies in particular – the Lorrkon and Yabuduruwa ceremonies from the Arnhem Land region of the Territory – which incorporate scenes involving the re-enactment of birds spreading fire from places to place.


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