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  1. 3 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    From the Urban Dictionary




    Native of a secluded area on the mellow side of a famous bridge. Lives on a houseboat in Sausalito, or in a cliff clinging edifice screened from view by steam from the hot tub. Preferred transportation is sailboat, bicycle, BMW or jogging shoe. Enjoys days on the bay, natural food, Ramos Fizz brunches, good neighbors and sunsets over Mt. Tam. Wants it all now, but will settle for a reasonable amount & monthly payments. Has endured floods, peacock feathers and mudslides on the Waldo, but would never live anywhere else.


    Resident of Marin County, California. A "spiritual" hack, and universally authoritarian. Blames America first, especially when Republicans are in power. Invariably self-obsessed with an obscene sense of entitlement. Penchant for plastic surgery. Bemoans the rich despite being a firmly entrenched member of said socioeconomic class.


    Birkenstock-wearing, latte sipping, tree-hugging, Mercedes Benz driving people.

    99% of Marinites watched Al Gore's, "Inconvieniant Truth."





    A lot of truth in that satire.

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  2. 44 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    There is also a Nike Missile Site Museum. Few people are aware that there were nuclear armed SAMs protecting major US cities during the cold war. 


    volunteer leads visitors through nike missile museum


    Site 88.  My wife's dad was a yoyo Warrant there.  As well as one of the key personnel.


    We spent a few Saturdays helping get it cleaned up and ready for visitors before the museum opened.  First work party none of the organizers had thought about coffee.  Or a way to heat things for the potluck lunch.  Fortunately we had with us our folding camp kitchen, ten gallon s of water, a big camp coffee pot, 3 burner camp stove, a big can of coffee. Oh, and a 6 foot folding table.  We kind of had a feeling that the Marinites wouldn't think of those things.

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I want to know why the students waved the flags and chanted come and take it at football games.



    You must have missed my point in my first response.

    But, geee.....lots of like-minded people in one place.  A place with lots of exposure and coverage.  A place that a message will be seen.  
    Yeah.....political expression makes no sense at all there.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Blackwater 53393 said:


    Interesting concept!!  Appropriate their symbols and you might disrupt their momentum!!  Use their own tactics against them!!  If we were to burn their flags, it would be viewed as a hate crime!!  What's fair for the goose...?



    A couple of years ago I drove through downtown Santa Rosa CA on a Friday late afternoon, on my way home from work.  I saw a stage set up for some event festooned with all sorts of "Pride" flags, among them this:

    Image result for lesbian labrys


    And I asked my self, "Why are they using the Vichy French labrys?"  A bit later I saw on the FB page of one of the local politicians, don't recall if he is County Supervisor or City Council, bubbling on about the event, so I asked why a fascist flag was flying there.  The outpouring of hate towards me was amazing.

  5. On This Date, Sept. 15, 1959: The first silo launch of a tethered, full-scale Minuteman ICBM (LGM-30) took place at the Rocket Engine Test Station on Leuhman Ridge, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The test missile was fitted with dummy second and third stages, and carried only a few second’s fuel in the first stage. This test showed that the Minuteman could be fired directly from an underground silo, prompting the Air Force to fast-track the program in the hopes of having the first Minuteman I on duty by 1962. The production of the first operational Minuteman I force was approved in March 1960 and consisted of 150 missiles assigned to a single missile wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The previous month at Cape Canaveral, the first full test of a Minuteman I proved successful — the missile deposited its warhead 4,600 miles from the launch site. During these tests the missiles did not employ armed atomic warheads. TIME magazine reported that an awed observer murmured “Brother, there goes the missile gap” and described the successful test flight as follows, “Even for sophisticated missile watchers, the men who have marked the flight of so many of Cape Canaveral’s great fire-breathing birds, last week’s show was a dazzling spectacle. The blast-off was swift and sure; there was none of that heart-stopping hover of other tests when liquid-fueled monsters seemed to balance in uncertain equilibrium before they picked up the momentum of flight.”
    For more aerospace and aviation milestones, visit https://www.aerotechnews.com/blog/2021/09/10/on-this-date-77/




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