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  1. Only in Texas and maybe Mexico. 

    This evening, we were contacted about a possible orphaned Barn Owl. Rehabber Christy managed the call and inquired if they had already placed it in a box, to which they responded “we wrapped him in a warm tortilla”. There was a significant silence on Christy’s side . Following this and a little concerned, she  quickly ended the call and arranged for a transporter.

    Rehabber Amee arrived at the location and was welcomed by a friendly family holding a baby Mississippi Kite wrapped in a tortilla. 

    While barbecuing and swimming, the family noticed the baby bird on the ground without any parents nearby. Concerned about the baby feeling cold, the mother asked for a tortilla to be warmed up on the grill to provide heat for it. 

    Undoubtedly, it was an inventive method to keep the baby warm, and surprisingly, it was effective. The hatchling is currently en route back to the facility. Wildlife Rescue is always filled with lively and unexpected moments. 

    #wildliferescue #weloveourcommunity #compassionisbeautiful #thatsawrap





    I'm somewhat irritated at the "Surprisingly, it worked" comment.   

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    From that article:

    "During the search for the suspicious person, officers with township police discovered that the gunman was on the roof, and one local officer hoisted another to get up to the ledge. The shooter turned around, saw the officer peering over and pointed his gun at him. The officer let go of the ledge to “take cover” and save his own life. The gunman then started firing from the rooftop. "


    I wouldn't call that "running away."  And I rather doubt that the officer would have been hard pressed to hold on with one hand,  draw his weapon,  and fire.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Trailrider #896 said:

    Without getting into any political aspect at all! Trump's pick for his VP wears a beard, the only one of the possible candidates! Kinda looks like President Grant! B)


    Never trust a clean shaven man,  he's trying to hide something. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Trailrider #896 said:

    And he was a Marine! Might have to get his book.  


    Which means he's already "pledged his life,  his fortune, and his sacred Honor to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. "

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  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cn07dv4mrg2o




    “I’m a ‘never Trump’ guy. I never liked him.”

    “My god what an idiot.”

    “I find him reprehensible.”

    That was from JD Vance in interviews and on Twitter in 2016, when the publication of his memoir Hillbilly Elegy catapulted him to fame.

    A few short years later, Mr Vance transformed himself into one of Trump’s steadfast allies.



    If the article is accurate, a rather hard-scrabble youth but pulled himself out of it.

    Great that he's on the younger end.  Also former military, and worked in business.  Not a career politician.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:



    @Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062,

    Thanks for the video :blink:; however, I couldn't make any sense of it, and am wondering why? :P


    "The original machine had a baseplate of prefamulated Amulite, surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in a direct line with the panametric fan. The latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzel vanes so-fitted to the ambifacient lunar wane shaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented."


    It was in Australian English with an American accent.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Texas Joker said:

    But devils advocate if snipers just start shooting because 'thay saw a threat' or 'someone said'.  What happens when it turns out to be a photog just trying to get the next pulitzer?




    Or the Nikon M4 Assault Rifle

    Nikon M4 Assault rifle 😊 pretty coool 👍 #Assaultrifle #A ...

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Just like school shootings, LE waits til after the fact to neutralize the shooter.


    I foresee a change in their rules of engagement.  I expect that just as in certain conflicts America has been engaged in, you can see a guy with a grenade walking towards you, but until he throws it (or pulls the pin), you can't shoot.  I'll not fault the guys with the guns for following procedure while the higherups guddle about trying to decide what to do.

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  9. 11 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    Oh, I laughed at the "phone call".

    It was the disgusting comments from those wanting the shooter to have succeeded that turned my stomach.


    Thanks for the clarification. I obviously thought of the wrong post.


    Yeah...I know what you mean.  Skye News has a few commentaries about how Big Corporate Press and leftist politicians need to own up to the fact that their violent, incendiary rhetoric .  "OH!  But CONSERVATIVES do the same!"  Yeah, a few do, and the more outrageous ones are usually vilified by the other 95%.  It isn't systemic as it is in the Press.  


    One thing is that she has her timeline wrong - it started as soon as he announced he was running.  https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/violence-breaks-trump-rally-san-jose-protesters-hurl/story?id=39576437  (Naturally the Lord High Mayor of San Jose put as much blame on the Trump supporters for the violence as he did on the rioters, how DARE they fight back and try to protect themselves.)


    The really disgusting thing is that Americans have to look to foreign news sources for accurate coverage.


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  10. As found on FB:


    Britain's Grand Fleet at the naval base at Firth of Forth, Scotland.
    On July 7, I posted a photo of ships in the German naval base of Kiel. Here's an aerial view of the British fleet, anchored in the Firth of Forth, taken by the British airship R9. 1916.
    May be an image of blimp and text


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  11. Yokosuka D4Y Suisei (彗星, Suisei, "Comet", Allied reporting name "Judy")


    The first (of five) prototypes was complete in November 1940 and made its maiden flight in December 1940.[11][12] After the prototype trials, problems with flutter were encountered, a fatal flaw for an airframe subject to the stresses of dive bombing. Until this could be resolved, early production aircraft were used as reconnaissance aircraft, as the D4Y1-C, which took advantage of its high speed and long range while not over-stressing the airframe.[9] Production of the D4Y1-C continued in small numbers until March 1943, when the increasing losses incurred by the D3A resulted in production switching to the D4Y1 dive-bomber, the aircraft's structural problems finally being solved.[10] Although the D4Y could operate from the large fleet carriers that formed the core of the Combined Fleet at the start of the war, it had problems operating from the smaller and slower carriers such as the Hiyō class, which formed a large proportion of Japan's carrier fleet after the losses of the Battle of Midway. Catapult equipment was fitted, giving rise to the D4Y1 Kai (or improved) model.[10]

    220px-D4Y2_before_take_off.jpg Yokosuka D4Y1 before takeoff

    Early versions of the D4Y were difficult to keep operational because the Atsuta engines were unreliable in front-line service. From the beginning, some had argued that the D4Y should be powered by an air-cooled radial engine which Japanese engineers and maintenance crew had experience with, and trusted. The aircraft was re-engined with the reliable Mitsubishi MK8P Kinsei 62, a 14-cylinder two-row radial engine as the Yokosuka D4Y3 Model 33.




    • The Museum’s Suisei is a WWII combat veteran.  It was one of 660 D4Y1 aircraft that were licensed built by the Aichi Aircraft Co. Ltd.  It was likely assigned to the Imperial Japanese Navy’s 202nd Kokutai (Air Group) operating out of Babo Airfield in the Dutch East Indies (today, West Papua, Indonesia).  It probably flew missions in the defense of Truk and against the American landings at Biak (May - August 1944).  It was abandoned at Babo following U.S. bomb attacks.  It was discovered there in 1991 in ruins.  Later acquired by the Museum, it was restored in 2012 as a D4Y3 static aircraft.  Planes of Fame’s D4Y3 Suisei is not a flying aircraft, but upon engine start, is taxiable.
    • Model:  D4Y3 (Originally D4Y1);  Serial Number: 483;  Manufactured:  Nagoya, Japan ;  Date of Delivery:  February 1944.


    Status: Taxiable aircraft
    Manufacturer: Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal
    Year: 1944
    Model: D4Y3 Suisei
    Registration Number:
    Serial Number: 483
    Crew: 2
    Max T/O Weight: 10,267 lb.
    Span: 37 ft. 9 in.
    Length: 33 ft. 6 in.
    Height: 12 ft. 3 in.
    Maximum Speed: 357 mph
    Cruise Speed: 265 mph
    Rate of Climb: climb to 9,800 ft altitude in 4.5 min.
    Power Plant: 1 × Mitsubishi MK8P Kinsei 62 fourteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 1,400 hp.
    Range: 944 mi.
    Service Ceiling: 34,450 ft.
    Armament: Three 7.7-mmmachine guns, two forward-firing and one rear-firing; max bomb load 1,234 lb.




    The first prototype was completed in November 1940, and the following month it flew for the first time. Prospects were estimated so highly that back in September an order was given to stop the production of D3A1 “Val” already, counting on the introduction of the new Suisei into production. But bottlenecks in engines production doomed this hope and throughout 1941, Aichi handed over only 22 Atsuta 21 engines to military acceptance, with full-fledged serial production only starting by May 1942, with 15 Suisei handed over… in a month. By the end of 1942, production rate reached 30 per month, and in total, by September 1944, 835 had been assembled. As a result, production of the now obsolete D3A1 went on by May-July 1942, with 70 more “vals”, and in August Aichi launched the much improved D3A2 into production, integrated many design features borrowed from the Suisei.







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  12. 12 minutes ago, Michigan Slim said:

    After a quick bore sight on my neighbors doorknob, I sight in with the two shot method. Jim Carmichael wrote of it in Outdoor Life many years ago and I have used it since.


    Doesn't your neighbor get tired of replacing doorknobs?

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