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  1. .270 I used my custom built k98 to hunt antelope in Wyoming back in the early 1960's. using 130 gr. sierra sbt bullets it was point blank range to 326 yrds. I figured out the ballistics on my rifle and discovered it liked the 150gr .sierra sbt bullets better. also at 400 yds. the 150 has more velocity and more knock down energy than the 130 gr. My rifle with my hand loaded ammo would shoot sub minute groups at 100 yds. and under 2" groups at 200 yds. I killed several antelopes at over 300 yds. It was also deadly on mule deer. My hunting pardners all used 30.06's and my .270 d
  2. I ruptured mine at the Ohio state shoot in 2009. I saw three different surgeons . 2 said it tore too high and they said they could not fix it? Dr. Bunch ( former team surgeon for the Boston Celtics) said maybe he could, but no guarantee? I went with a cast and physical therapy for 9 weeks. No surgery, It took about a 2 months to get off the crutches. My surgeon said I will always have an imperfect gate (limp). I still can't get much weight on the ball of my foot, so I have learned to walk on my heel. I can't run anymore but I shuffle along perty good. J. R. Hammer sas
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