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  1. I’ve a Rossi Puma Interarms 45 from around 1991-2.


    1. The 45 loading gate VERY sharp. 

    2. The bore was the chatter(sp) marks. I had to send 70-80 firelap slugs down the bore to get it reasonable. Open it up to .453

    If you can, checked the loading gate, and the barrel.



  2. 13 hours ago, watab kid said:

    my experience with paper hulls has not been good - granted they were once fired federals , but , im not a fan of paper for our game any more , ive found the plastic hulls much more forgiving and way easier to store for extended periods without ill affects , this is just my humble opinion  , but ive been doing this for 25+years and ive messed with most everything in that time - i like easy and simple , if you differ feel frree to disagree 

    Black powder, they leaking around the primer, Federal. Since I just old doubles, I don’t want to disassemble it unnecessarily. I use cheap plastic, once fired, trimmed to 2 1/2 length with a Sabre saw, roll crimp, and throw them away afterwards.



  3. 3 hours ago, Cullie Halfcock said:



    You might also try the first greased, group exposed, it will give you a little more room, not as much compression.


    I went to just touching the land to breach seating with mixed results (seldom favorable). I settled on the grease group 1/2 -2/3 exposed. If I push the bullet further, I get a minute ring of lead when I extract the case. When with the greased groove half exposed, I get a “lube ring” after the case is  fired.



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  4. 2 hours ago, Cullie Halfcock said:

    Looks like a good place to post my problem. Worked up some BP loads for my 45/70 sharps today and noticed the cases bulged near the base which made them troublesome to eject. New Starline brass with a recipe from my notes. 2f Swiss with .216 compression, Montana 535 Postell. Been a while since I’ve loaded and the amount of compression made me second guess my previous load notes. They chambered flawlessly so I don’t think I bulged the case with the press. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, Cullie Halfcock.

    forgot to add- 63.5 grains weighed and 0.30 vegi wad.



    New cases, The bulge is noted after loading of the new cases?

    Sounds very similar to mine. 63.5 grains of Swiss 1.5 in a Remington case, .03 vegi wad. 537 gr Jones 55001

    But, your compression seems a bit high. .065” is what I run. 

    2.970 OAL


    I marked all my cases 25 years ago until I figured it was moot.





  5. .

    19 hours ago, Cpt Dan Blodgett, SASS #75655 said:

    Did you have ro pay to get it back together?

    I told totally disassembled the Winchester. Who knows if I got it right with the disassembly steps. I had a drawing, but no steps. Reassembly was fairly easy until I got to the carrier. I couldn’t get the carrier past the receiver, no matter what I tried. In the end, I just screwed the carrier it in place, and force it in the to the receiver, and it just popped in to place.



  6. Willie,


    Go for it! You have plenty of elevation.

    I would say suggest a piece of tape on the back side below the notch. Years ago 3M produced a black masking tape. With the site elevated, the notch gets lost in the light, top and bottom. With the black tape installed on the bottom half of the notch notch is visible.




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