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  1. MIne too. Two uncles won the MM; one in the trenches in WWI and the other in the Bocage country of Normandy, in WWII, one an MC, while Dad was awarded an MBE as well as his CD.

    Father in law came back early, because of wounds, with an DCM, after Dieppe.


  2. No guns this year and the new Wild Bunch rig hasn't arrived yet, but I did receive a surprise addition to my medal collection, to augment something similar I received a while ago. 

    More shadow boxes for the displays are now in order and I'll have to re-arrange things on the walls in my den/office.

    Here's one of a set of something of a Canadian nature I recently completed: The Order of Military Merit, in the degrees of Companion, Officer and Member.

    Sorry for the side ways pic. I can't seem to make it "hang" properly in the post.



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  3. Now that you mention it Jabez, we DO have some Cougars around here. Four and Two legged varieties.

    A few years ago, Ontario Department of Lands, Flowers and Cute Little Furry Critters imported some of the four legged variety, then tried to claim they did not and, further, there were none in the province.

    One day a truck hit one and killed it on Hwy 17. outside of Ottawa.

    Ontario Provincial Police wrote up their report that a cougar had gotten smucked, explaining the truck's damage.  

    Then Lands and Flowers showed up and took away the carcass.

    Their report described it as "A large fur-bearing animal".

    Since then, one of my hunting buddies, (a Phd. biologist), has seen one(?) on a number of occasions, between Perth, Golden Lake and Maberly in the Lanark area.

  4. I think I can get on Allies good side by posting a picture of a nice kitty. (Shhh Don't let on or tell her about my nefarious plan!)


    No more lawn type grass here though. All covered by 17 cm of snow. 

    Snow blower is getting a workout.

    Found Cat.jpg

  5. I see that.

    Allie has done turned her attack cat loose with a machine gun and it looks like a meany!!

    Think I'll pick up a load of catnip to distract it while I make a getaway.

    I liked the idea of a vacuum packer, but for the number of times Bob and I use/need one now, it wasn't worth it.

    Still it's a better method than the Zip Lock bags we're using. 

  6. Looks like he could be a lot of fun to hang around with.

    By the way, I was looking after my sister-in-laws cat, while she was away and I just found it trying to sneak into the frig.

    Do they do this very often?



    Congrats Pard!

    Haven't taken a Mulie since the last century, outside Grande Centre, around George Stoffer's place on Bear Lake.

    Ended up with two white talils, between Dr.-Dr. Bob* and myself. Did our own butchering. Found we ended up with more meat doing it that way.

    Still have a chance for another, in the muzzle loader season, but the Mrs. isn't well, so we'll have to plat it by ear.

    * I call him Dr-Dr. Bob 'cause he has two Phd's as well as an MA in education. So what did he like to teach?? Shop and woodworking.

    Go figure.

  8. Well....... as long as yore using Holy Black in that .38-40 and the 16 ga, we'll let you off. (Says he, [jealously], who switched to smokieless 'cause he was too tired to clean 'em up when he got home!)

    That .38-40 should work just fine on deer. I took one, close in, with my Yellow Boy in .45 Colt a few years ago, so that .38-40 should take care of business, no problem.

    I managed to get a young buck, with my .45-70 hi-wall. That one was a BANG-FLOP at a bit over 75 yards!!


    I hear ya on WB. I only shoot the one WB match annually: The Upper and Lower Canada Wild Bunch Match, usually held at The Grenville Fish and Game Club, hosted by The Wild Turkey Posse and Yorkshire Bob. Got all the gear, just haven't the interest.


    We've had a few Buffalo Rifle matches over the years, shooting at 100 and 200 yard gongs. Had a lot of fun with that.

    10 Freestyle; 10 Kneeling and 5 Standing (Those Sharps start to gain weight when you shoot standing!)

    BANG..................(wait for it)...............CLANG! Trajectory on those .45-70's is like a rainbow!!

    We limited the pistol calibre rifles to 100 yards and they did quite well.

    Anyway, GET OFF THE LAWN!

    Dang mower is in the repair shop. Right front wheel height adjustment has gone for walk-about and between my arthritis and the time needed to find the right parts to fix it, I just said (*^*&^%$%#!%) For $25.00? Here! You Do It!


  9. A 16 ga.??:o

    I swear, that boy is getting me concerned:

    First he was in raptures over a .38-40, now a 16 ga.for wild bunch (Shakes head):unsure:

    Next thing we're going to hear he's switched to .38's, loaded down to near squib loads.:ph34r:

    However he did mention he had one .45-70 , but qualified that with "left".

    Do ya think we'll have to have an intervention??:rolleyes:

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