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      Caliope Cupcake #13981

      EoT was really nice and fun.  I hope they do it again in AZ.  That range is enormous--like a square mile at least. I moved into my childhood home La Mirada 2019 [ abt 30 min from Raahauges] after Mom & Dad passed 2017-18. I cleaned out the house, back pool room, garage in 5 mos. and saved the treasures, then moved in here as Dad said I could in a handwritten codicil [addendum to will]. It has been lots of work but no rent, just $1200 prop tax ea. yr. --Less than my apt. rent for 6 yrs after selling my houses 2013. I retired from teaching 2015 so every day is Sat. Now it's been 2.5 yrs here and my sister has demanded her half and to sell, or I buy her out.  She gave me 3 weeks to leave in Dec.!  I couldn't even pack it all in that time. l hired an atty specializing in estates and he filed petition on my behalf so a judge will determine the validity of Dad's codicil since she left that part out! ...and he will tell me how long I may stay here. Online court date is June. Swim lessons start soon; parents are calling already. The city came knocking the last 3 days to nofity my they are removing our giant 65 yr old trees out front. I told them I got the message, don't come back. It will be Mar. 30th :( 

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