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  1. Thanks for the responses. Planned on a plastic bag liner plus bagged individual lots of specific head stamped brass. I think I will stick with the midsize boxes instead of large. Thanks Preacherman, now I know how many boxes I need. And I am pretty sure the weight limit is 70 lbs like the Gateway Kid said.


    Thanks again for everybody's help,


  2. SASS MEMBERS please be careful responding to ads here on the wire.  Evidently Fire Eater got scammed by someone pretending to be me.  If you respond to one of my ads please realize that I am not able to take any form of electronic payment. I accept good checks from SASS Members, cashiers checks or USPS money orders only.

    It is also important that you remove any personal information from your SASS profile.  Things like your real life name, email addresses, home addresses and any phone numbers do not , in my opinion, belong in your SASS profile.


    Again, be careful,


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  3. This is one I don't see come up for sale very often. The 45-70 Buffalo Classic, yes but not the 38-55 Target Model. Now these guns were notorious for tight chambers that wouldn't let you hit the same barn door twice at 15 yards. This one wouldn't either because I tried and tried. So I sent the gun off to Lee Shaver Gunsmithing to get the chamber fixed. Now if you don't know who Lee Shaver is, just do a Google Search for him. I think you will be impressed with his credentials.

    So now that the gun would shoot straight it needed a SASS legal sight.  For this I sourced a Smith Enterprise ladder sight that was made to match the machine holes already in the barrel. This gun has the ejector not the extractor for those who might shoot Plainsman with this gun. And the barrel has been floated. 


    The gun is in excellent condition and the pictures show it. NEW SALE PRICE is $700.00 delivered to your favorite FFL.







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    1. The holsters in this photo are sold. The belt is(SOLD) cut on the bias for a lady. Bullet loops were for 32 H&R and shotgun loops were for 20 gauge. Could you make 38s and 12 gauge work? Possibly?But for the price of $35.00 shipped, how could you go wrong? Shotgun belt is 38" to center with 2 holes on either side. SOLD









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  5. SOLDI have had this gun for probably 15 years and never shot it. Bought it used with no box or papers. Condition is very good with only a small spot of wear on the left muzzle.

    Do not confuse this with the Cimmaron Thunder.  The Thunder is rated for 357 Magnum but the Lightning is only rated for 38 special. The other difference is the Thunder has a hammer mounted firing pin while the Lightning has a frame mounted firing pin. I am selling a 38 special Cimmaron Lightning.  It will be shipped in a Cimmaron Cattleman box.  Shipping to an FFL only who will accept from an individual for $450.00 shipped.  If it must come from an FFL please add $40.00. Pictures below; SOLD




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