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  1. Check the suppliers Remington Brass Has been available as recently as 2017 .... 

    IVI has loaded 8x57 as recently as 1995 in Canada , and solftpoint Hunting loads are available Loaded by PMC up here ...

    I use the RP brass to form to 9.3x 57 for use in my Husky..  One pass threw my sizing die , ready to prime and load ....


    Jabez Cowboy 

  2. .38-40  ( 38WCF ) was around in the day and would keep on shooting a long after the rest were too fouled to shoot .....

    Then a hammered Double in 10 or 12 Ga....  Then a double bit axe when the ammo all ran out ...

    You did say 6,000 savages right ?

    Lets make Smoke !


    Jabez Cowboy

  3. 3 pound slab of bacon, tin cup, one pound of Corn meal and small bag of salt and pepper, pack the salt and pepper in the cup and place it in the right saddle bag.

    Left bag, frying pan, coffee pot, wood matches, small tin of lard inside of coffee pot and a box of cartridges .

    This and a couple of small critters shot along the way, has kept me in fine fiddle for over a week many a time .

    And a three quart canteen ... plus a gallon waxed canvas water bag if going into drier climes .


    Jabez Cowboy

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  4. They are now better equipped than Canada's Military !!!

    This is a new level of democratic Stupidity! 

    But, I think our Twit may be even stupider.


    Jabez Cowboy 

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