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  1. Merry Merry Christmas... And a Grumpy New Year... Jabez Cowboy
  2. Ain't it funny that loss of hearing seems to be mostly, in the range which corresponds with the range of his Wife's speaking range.... Jabez Cowboy
  3. Come on Grumps gather up all Yer pumps let's clear Blackwater's yard of Water... Before it turns in to an Ice rink, or forget it and bring skates and Hockey sticks.... Merry Christmas Blackwater...
  4. Merry Christmas one and All...


  5. WoW !!! We don't have those Punch Cards,,, Here in the Fringe Country, YET! Merry Christmas to all YA Grumps... Jabez Cowboy & Pastor's Wife
  6. Amen ! When Pastors are being jailed for standing up for the rights of Canada's Citizens, something is very Wrong with that government... When Airsoft guns are being given Prohibited status, because they look like semi-auto "Black guns" you know they haven't a clue... These single shot pump action toys that shoot a 6mm plastic pellet, do not even meet the definition of being a firearm, velocity under 500 FPS. powered by compressed air. Way less powerful than even a "Red Rider" BB gun... Jabez Cowboy
  7. Page 3,bad form... Now our little Potatoe is back tracking, saying Trust Me... But he is the least trustworthy thing I know about... It makes me Sad that Canada a once proud Nation has slipped this far to allow this Twit to be PM.... Jabez Cowboy
  8. Euthanize about half the MP's and the PM, problem solved ... They think it's a good Idea for others, why not have them lead the way for once ... It would free up a ton of money for Vets and Seniors... Jabez Cowboy
  9. Since Liberals have never had the where-with-all to form an Original thought they relied on their Paid Puppies for advice... The "Woke" movement at it's best... But anyone that believes anything coming out of Turdeau's mouth needs to Wake up... Jabez Cowboy
  10. Blackwater my home club is hosting the SASS Canadian Nationals this year ... Consider this your invite to come and shoot... Jabez Cowboy
  11. Blackwater : I sure hear you ... Seems that I keep progressing, only to slide back sometimes before ... I have sists in to liver, and left Kidney and tear in my right Kidney... COPD makes it hard to breath ... But I'm back Riding my Bikes, just not this month so far... I need to start loading ammo for Next CAS season.... When I'm riding my bike, my wife says I look 20 years younger! Jabez Cowboy
  12. Winter has come on Hard and Fast here this year, harder than any of the past 30 years ... So much for global Warming ... It's colder here than a witches Heart.... And White. Coffee and Chocolate chip Muffins fer da Grumps... Jabez Cowboy
  13. They are also exempt from Daily monitoring like the legal Gunowners undergo.... Makes perfect sense to the Liberal mindless Crowd... Jabez Cowboy
  14. Navy or Army Grip... Caliber??? Barrel lenght? My main match Revolvers are 7 1/2 , .44 Special with Navy grips... Named "Buck" an "Boom" Jabez Cowboy
  15. Blackwater; I sure wish you could as well, the shoot is 6.5 miles from my door... And I have parking for several units if folks want to come early or stay late... Area heritage sites are Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Writing on Stone, the Remington Carriage Museum ... And the Tyerell Dinosaur Musem... 3 of the 4 are World Heritage sites... Jabez Cowboy
  16. Who's coming out my Way in 2023 to shoot the SASS Canadian Nationals? Jabez Cowboy
  17. There is folks that say I is Grumpy, with-out a reason ... And that makes me Grumpy!!! Jabez Cowboy
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