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  1. Went to a Gunshow Yesterday , didn't buy a Gun , Neither did Brian that was with Me ...

    A really sad Gunshow highly over priced Stuff, quality was Poor at Best, Sad ...

    Now i'm Grumpy !!!


    Jabez Cowboy

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  2. Military Members have been abused in Canada since the First Turdeau came to power...

    It is sad that we treat Illegal boarder jumpers way better than our Vets or currently serving Members...

    And that Most of the Canadian Voters that want to change this, well their votes don't count for much as they live in Western Canada ...


    Anyhow There is fresh coffee and a place for Grumps to sit and Air their beefs here ...


    Jabez Cowboy

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  3. There has just got to be something in the environment that causes them to breed stupid on a large scale ....

    The human brain starts to function in the Womb and it seems to mostly work, right up until the first time they vote liberal ...



    Jabez Cowboy 

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  4. Oh where Oh Where do all da Grumps Be ?

    Perhaps all have set sail on da Sea, 

    Ta see what they may See.

    I just wish they a little more Grumpy They Be !


    Coffee Fer da Grumps and Hay fer da Steeds.


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  5. Howdy I expect 1 inch groups of the bench For 3 shoots at 100 yards from my Uberti Highwall or slightly better from my gun in .40-65 using Varget or A 4895.

    I have also placed 3 for 3 on steel at 1,300 yards off sticks.

    I have found TB to have extremely high Standard Deviations at lower velocities and give rather poor groups.

    I also have a Uberti Lowwall in .38-40 that works real good out past 300 yards with VERY light recoil, using my 66s Main match loads.  It seems to shoot just about any load using a 181gr. RNFP, well using any powder ...


    Jabez Cowboy 


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  6. So very True !



    Well last weeks Funeral went really Well, there were two longtime Ministers  at the Main service, and one at the Interment Service so I was a little concerned that I might not be up to snuff. This being My First as a Pastor, but all three said I did a Good Job. The One Rev. and Long Time friend of the deceased, 72 + years as Friends, said that it was the most meaningful internment service he had been to in years.  Now back to every day, so my hat still fits.



    Jabez Cowboy

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  7. Well I have decided with all the wonderful things happening in the World today, i'm no longer going to be Grumpy !


    Spring has sprung ,,,, along with my back...


    COVID was such a treat ...


    Canada is in the hands of a bunch of Luna-ticks... 


    The USA is being run by a dottering old Fool ...



    What is there to be Grumpy about ?


    So I have decided I am not Going to Be Grumpy any Longer...


    Now if you believe that, the world is in a lot worse shape than I thought...


    So I better resume in Full Grump Mode... Happy April Fools Day !


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  8. Page 3 shame ...


    Now Wake up Grumps and smell Da Coffee...

    And join me for a slice of home baked Harvest Loaf.

    Just got done planning a my first Funeral as a Pastor for a man in my Church.


    Jabez Cowboy

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