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  1. I'm rigging my Cargo trailer to carry my Honda Shadow Spirt 1,100 Bike , 2,500 Inverter gen and Gun cart, to tow behind my class "C" Motorhome .

    Park at the shoot, still got wheels to go for supplies or just to see some country ...


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  2. As I stated in the above post you are not a Reverend in our Church till you have completed the requirements and been Ordained .

    This usually takes about 5 years or more ... 

    But you can buy your Way to REV. in some groups .


    Jabez Cowboy 

  3. In my Church you must first have the support of the elders in your local church , then if they decide there are clear evidences of gifting for service, and good moral conduct .  Then vote to grant you a local pastors license, and if the District agrees you are granted a one year "Local Licence".  This is Step One .

    After a year or more serving in the local Church , and entering into a approved course of study and attendance at a District Assessment week-end with your spouse. And being found by a Group of Ordained Leaders to have the gifting for service and the Grace of the Lord in your life , and your spouse deemed fit to serve alongside you in the church. You must both pass an advanced Criminal Records Check . 

    Then after completing an approved course of study, with yearly reviews at the assessment center, you may apply for Ordination.

    If the District Supertendent approves you will and your spouse will be interviewed by the General Supertendent if they approve you will be Ordained at District Assembly . 

    You are now a Rev. .... Up to this point you are a Pastor .  I have been a Pastor since May 13 2019 leading a Church that was in Crisis back to health. Not usually a job for a new pastor or for the faint of heart . So I have earned my title of Pastor in trial by fire .


    Pastor Walter  AKA 

    Jabez Cowboy



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  4. Forty Rod ;

    I hear Santa had a coach , back in the day that helped him in that quest ...

    And some hint at it might have been You ...


    Good to see you posting here again, things have gotten rather tame around here lately ....


    Fresh Cofffee fer da Grumps along with Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies ...



    Jabez Cowboy

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  5. Pard : I really don't know what to say .

    But I will continue to pray for all of you, and if you ever need to talk call me ...

    My wife has worked in long term care for the last two decades first as a RN on the floor then as an educator training staff. Then the last 6 years as a manager...

    Till my health took a turn for the worse 10 months ago, now she is working casual in a mental health center.

    Stay strong 


    Jabez Cowboy


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  6. I use Venison in my Chili, and have tamed it down a lot over the years .

    But I'm making jerky now, Venison of course.

    What is in my Chili is my sercret !


    Jabez Cowboy

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  7. Natural selection is no longer allowed to weed out the weak and the stupid !

    We go a long way to protect the stupid from causing their own demise. 

    That is why we spend money placing signs like Danger Coffee is Hot and can cause painful burns if spilled on lap...

    Warning on Electric Iron " Not suitable for ironing Cloths on the Body "

    Or the Electric Curling Iron  " Not Suitable for use in the Shower".


    Jabez Cowboy 

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  8. 22 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    What about partial serial numbers?  Uberti gripframes have the last four digits of the s/n on the triggerguard, on the side near the bottom.  Not visible with grip installed.  Nothing on the backstrap.  (Except some military, such as Cavalry Model P, which have full s/n on outside).   Replacement gripframes, such as from VTI, have no s/n.

    If it has numbers ,they would be deemed to be Serial Numbers thus a Controlled Part ....  But no numbers should be no issue unless some Liberal decided to make an issue over it, then even though you are right it might be some time and expense involved .

  9. Under Canadian Law, the Frame is the Gun. and as such if the grip frame has serial numbers on it .

    It is deemed to be a Firearm, conversely the cylinder is not a restricted Gun Part and barrels longer than 4.2 inches are Non restricted items.

    But a barrel under 4.2 inches is a Prohibited Device.  

    A 7.5 inch barreled SAA chambered in .32-20 is classed as prohibited ( only some can own these ) but a 7.5 inch  SAA in .38 WCF , .44 Spl. , or .45 Colt  is only a restricted Firearm...

    If you can figure out any logic in this Please let me Know !


    Jabez Cowboy

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  10. Enjoy your Open Tops , Mine are all Navy Grips  except one Conversion ...

    Did you know that you can get more Goex in the .44 Spl. case than in the .45 sch. with both cases manufactured by Star-Line ?

    I would gladly swap my Army Grip Frame for a Navy ,,,, But it's too much hassle across boarders ....


    Jabez Cowboy

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