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  1. A ranch lady, a personal friend shot and killed a Black Bear trying to get into the kitchen, with a .22 rifle through the screen door, one shot killing it. 

    She said she wasn't going to share her fresh baked Pies with it... Pat was a Vet before she became a Ranch Wife...


    Yes I have killed Whitetail Deer with my .45 Colt lever Guns... Using both Speer 300 jacketed RNFP bullets at 1,550 fps. and My match loads with 255 Gr. RNFP , loads over a compressed loads of Goex 3F...  

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  2. About 60 years ago was a old Man of the Dennie Tribe that liked to show of his collection of very Large Polar bear skulls, they all had a .22 cal hole in the weakest part of the skull.  He told me how he collected the 13 Skulls he showed me, he would lie on the ice next to a hole encased in a seal skin and make sounds like a seal in distress, when the bear got real close and lowered it's head to attack... He would dispatch it with a single shot Cooey .22 with cutdown barrel ... He only kept the big skulls, he claimed to have killed over 50 in this manner... He liked them to be about 12 feet away when he shot them, he used Solids with a light copper plating made by CCL ...  This man was from  The North West Territories of Canada... 


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  3. In Uganda I use a slingshot to move sheep ,goats, cows, dogs, and unwanted critters off the School property , for ammo I use .69 cal. Paint balls. this also serves to mark the trespassing animals.  And makes it hard for those that think my critter wouldn't do that! 

    This no only discourages the critters, but clearly marks them if you wish the recover damages etc.


    Jabez Cowboy



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