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  1. Czech ownership may be a breath of fresh air in the dusty, uninventive halls of Colt.  Colt has certainly had ample opportunity to reform itself, and any number of US manufacturers have had an equal opportunity to buy in.  Time for new blood, perhaps.



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  2. Well, it's done in black and white, but believe that is a Greek flag in the second frame.  Costumes look like 1600s European.  A lot of small, shoal water fishing boats, being used to ferry supplies ?  Cannon fire from some of the larger ships - battle or signaling salute?


    It would be helpful to see the key that relates to the numbers scattered among the images.



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  3. 2 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Did you accidentally leave shrimp out of your list, or do you still eat shrimp, or maybe do they not have fresh shrimp that far north?


    I'm not a big fish eater (and I live on the Gulf). I don't really like fin fish - salt or fresh. I've tried lobster, clams and octopus. None of the three impressed me. Crab is just nasty. I had what they claimed to be conch at a restaurant in Key West. Greasy little pieces of fried something.


    But shrimp and oysters are about the best things that ever came out of the ocean.



    And on the subject of seafood, a couple of thoughts. Lobster tasted like shrimp flavored rubber. I've been told the reason it had a rubbery texture was because it was overcooked. Maybe. But even if it had not been rubbery it tasted like shrimp. And shrimp was about a third of the price. So why pay the extra money? Just eat shrimp. I've had caviar. Twice. Tasted just like sardines. $5 a pound for fish eggs versus $0.40 a can for sardines. Don't see the attraction.


    Maybe I'm just cheap.


    I left out shrimp because I do eat shrimp cocktail; the shrimp are merely a vehicle for the cocktail sauce, and I love anything with horseradish sauce in it.  I wasn't really thinking freshwater - I do eat fried trout, but that's about it.


    I agree with your assessment of crab.  My first taste of lobster was at a Tip O'Neill fundraiser on a pier in Boston; cold, rubbery crustacean served in the putrid atmosphere of low tide in Boston Harbor.  Ruined lobster for me for life.  And you are right about overcooking it.


    If you have seen a live conch (the slug, not the shell) you probably don't find yourself yearning for a taste.


    PS: Live lobsters can be great entertainment.  We have a get together on the Cape every summer, with 30-40 people.  We set up a kiddie pool filled with seawater, and dump in a crowd of live lobsters. When a small kid tries to play with them, they get all agitated, raise their front legs and claws, and run across the pool, clattering like Carmen Miranda with her maracas.  Sends the kids running for Mommy!  (Now I suppose that I'll hear from PETA, or from some child welfare drone who thinks that my neices and nephews have been traumatized by exposure to dangerous wildlife....)



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  4. I have no idea what happened to my food preferences, but I have a very limited range of seafood that I will even go near; I don't even care for the aroma of cooking fish.  Here I sit, in the most abundent seafood locale on the East coast, and I will not touch lobster, clams, mussels, oysters, octopus, conch, or most fin fish.   If I'm fortunate to catch some fluke early in the morning, I'll zip back to the cottage, filet it, roll it in egg and bread crumbs, and pan fry it in butter; can't get enough of it for breakfast.  I'll grill marinated striper, as well as blues, but in limited amounts.  Ironically, I love smoked eel - tastes like cornish game hens to me.  I also like smoked snapper blues - mmmm.  But I'm afraid that fish stew holds no allure for me.


    Most important condition for me is that the fish be absolutely fresh - right off my boat.  



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  5. 27 minutes ago, Smoken D said:

    Don't count out the new regime to impeach Trump under article 25 and make all his supreme court appointments revocable so they can put their people in. Why not, they plan on taking our guns away and revoke the 2nd.


    Uh, I don't think so.  There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Congress (or anyone) the power to do this. 



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  6. I was fortunate to have access, through my club, to an NRA certified Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor.  See if there is one in your area; being able to talk with and learn from someone with both experience and certification saves you from potentially learning bad habits.



  7. J Mark:


    Congrats!  It takes testicular fortitude to make the leap; I hope it works out well.


    A couple of hard-learned insights from someone who did the same thing:

    • Make some time to see/talk with other lawyers; harder in this pandemic, but still doable with Zoom and such.  It's tempting to cuddle up in your home office, but you need some human contact to share ideas, stay current and stay sane;
    • Establish a "done for the day" time, and respect it; it's too easy, with your office upstairs, to work longer days; you need to say "enough", and go do something else (non-legal) for a bit; it will all be there tomorrow;
    • My best tools are (were) a well maintained computer ( I kept a consultant relationship with my firm's IT guy, and gave him on-line access to install updates and resolve problems - money well spent) and the best scanner/printer I could afford; with the right software, you can save tons of time scanning every piece of paper that comes in the door  and having it instantly available when you need it.  If you let a pile of mail develop, you will be quickly buried and left searching through stacks;
    • Don't waste money on a library; just about everything you will need is on-line, including forms, Rules, statutes, agency regs, etc. - just make sure the site you use is up-to-date;
    • Keep your sense of humor; you will need it; it is not a bad thing to be able to laugh at your own predicament from time-to-time;

    I enjoyed working for myself.  A bit more stressful than working for a firm, but definately liberating.  And when the checks come in, you do not have to split the fee.






  8. Actually, a la mode means "according to the fashion", and can be applied to any number of dishes (as well as to clothing, furniture and other items).  In common usage, pie a la mode is served with ice cream, but that is simply the current fashion.  "A la mode" does not translate to "with ice cream".



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  9. 40 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Right. Nobody cares if you leave. Except N. Korea.


    And California.  


    Wall Street Journal article this morning about a proposed wealth tax in CA - applies to everyone present in the state for at least 60 days in a year with assets of $30 Million or more (excluding personally held real estate).  Aimed primarily at persons of high individual net worth, estimated to be the top 30,000 wealthiest residents..  And it keeps on giving, with the tax being assessed for every year after you leave for up to 10 years.  The pro athletes, movie stars, TV personalities and tech magnates will love this......


    We used to laugh at crazy California, and put posters on our dorm walls showing the country tilted toward the West coast, and all of the odd balls and nuts rolling down toward the Pacific.  Not so funny now.  And neither is the likelihood that several other states will follow suit if this works.



  10. 30 minutes ago, DeaconKC said:

    Wow, thank you guys for all the good ideas and especially the pictures. What are the advantages/disadvantages of 4 wheel vs 2 wheel?


    Try maneuvering at a crowded shoot; you will soon see the advantage of two wheels.  Use your big umbrella on a windy day, and you might think 4 wheels are superior.



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  11. Actually, the welding cart works great.  I made everything removeable (ammo box, bottom box, handle, wheels) using a mix of large headed thumb screws and axle split pins.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to assemble/disassemble. or less if I'm using a larger vehicle.  Mine will hold four long guns, two days of ammo, a small cooler, necessaries, holsters, and a large umbrella.  The wood is mahogany left-overs from my shop.  Ammo box, bottom box and loading shelf lined with felt.  Handle and barrel slots wrapped in leather.


    I replaced the wheels with a foam-filled pair; no more flats.


    This design rocks back with the touch of a finger; lightweight and agile.  The secret is the low center of gravity and the oversized wheels.







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