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  1. 2 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    Teeling, West Cork, Clontarf, and Red Breast are all smooth as a fair coleen’s kiss.  If the weather should turn unseasonably warm, then Guinness of course.






    Good to see that you are back, UB..and that you are with friends.



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  2. 5 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    The problem around here is finding a place to hunt.   All the farm lands have turned into subdivisions.  We have more deer than we can kill with cars.  They are a real traffic hazard after dark.


    Our deer have learned that there is safety in subdivisions.  Our lots are 1-2 acres - enough to provide cover and grazing, but mostly unhuntable due to minimum distance requirements; that and the MA ban on most rifle shooting.  Every morning and twilight, I have a herd of 10-12 does and offspring moving through my property.  I like to watch them, but resent the way they strip every last leaf off of the rhodedendrons.



    2017 03 18 Does Coffee Klatch.JPG

    IMG_1320 (4).jpg


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  3. 3 minutes ago, Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663 said:

    Magua (Wes Studi) in "The Last of the Mohicans" was one frightening warrior.  He gave me chills.


    Made my blood run cold in Dances With Wolves, too, as Pawnee brave.





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  4. Allie:


    Thanks; I usually skip Carlson's screeds; he has become predictably nasty; but that was a solid analysis, and the best I have seen on this topic.  And perhaps the best explanation for the split among the royals, as well as our own distaste for our elites.



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  5. 7 minutes ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


    I thought she had to renounce her citizenship and become a British citizen to marry him though.  And then when they severed the royal ties became Canadian citizens. 




    I don't believed that happened; she may have started the process of seeking UK citizenship, but she has not met the residency period requirements; she has retained her US citizenship.  Neither is a Canadian citizen.



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  6. 20 minutes ago, Ramblin Gambler said:

    How are the children American?  They moved to Canada didn't they?  Unless you mean North American, but that doesn't allow you to run for President.  Maybe the meme should say Prime Minister. 


    In general, any child born to a US citizen (and their mother is a US citizen) is a US citizen at birth, regardless of where they were born.  (Think of Ted Cruz (Canada) and John McCain (US base in Panama))  There may be some debates over the foreign emoluments issue - both children are in the line of succession for the British throne - but that could be resolved by renunciation if one of them decided to run.



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  7. 1 hour ago, Trailrider #896 said:

    And there are those nowadays who say the defenders of the Alamo were all racists...forgetting that a number of the defenders themselves were of Mexican ethnicity, but who refused to knuckle under to the megalomaniac, despot, Santa Ana!  (Who, BTW, died penniless, wandering the streets of New York City, after his own people kicked him out of Mexico!


    Remember Goliad!  Remember the Alamo!


    Actually, Santa Anna died in Mexico City; but you are correct that he was penniless, and had been deposed from positions of power in Mexico 11 times.



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  8. 11 hours ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:

    My wife and I got our first and then we got our second. We had to do some searching around etc, but  then we got them.


    Of big countries, we're second only to Britain in the number of folks per capita whove gotten the vaccine.


    But still-- we complain.  We always complain....it's always somebody's fault.




    All I can say is that it sounds like your state's system did better than mine, at least comparing your success with my sequential failures.  Frustration and anxiety play into my experience; frustration because the state's scheduling website is impenetrable, frequently telling you at step 2 that there are doses available at certain sites, and then when you reach step 4, no vaccine is available.  Or, after waiting for 2+ hours to register at a certain site, you are uncermoniously bounced, with no idea why. Or starting the registration, with 10,000+ doses shown as available, and then 3 minutes later, being told that all of the available doses have been administered.  Overlayed on this are the government officials telling us that those 65 and older are at greater risk; repeatedly telling us that we will be vaccinated first; and then, as many of us have been unable to get a vaccination appointment, deciding to allow almost 80,000 teachers and 100,000 school employees to jump into the vaccination pool, regardless of age or health.  Teacher's Unions contribute heavily to political campaigns here, and politicians are being reminded of that fact.  Of course we are anxious; we've been told that we are at risk, more at risk than the general population, but we see our opportunity to be protected slipping away.  Every day that we are not vaccinated is one more day of exposure that could lead to serious illness or death.  Our worst fears are magnified.  If we are complaining, we have reasons to do so; and if it IS someone's fault, we are entitled to point that out.  No more going silently into the night.  



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  9. 1 hour ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    Last week, vaccinations for over 65 became available.  Called Tuesday and got scheduled for Wednesday, the 10th, twenty minutes from here.


    In Memphis, they’ve squandered thousands of doses through mismanagement and a batch of doses were redirected to a number of children. Several hundred doses were lost in a nearby county when they were stored in an unapproved refrigerator!!


    Between malfeasance, ineptitude, and just plain stupidity, it seems that once again, the WORST way to handle any non-conflict situation is to let the “government” get involved!!


    Here, the hospitals and clinics were all geared up to start making appointments for their patients; the Governor decided that the state could do it better, and pulled all of their vaccine allocations.  Thirty days in, it became clear that the state was not well equipped to make appointments for millions of people; they didn't even have a list, and their appointment process was clumsy.  Their website was a non-functioning nightmare.  I spent days trying to register, only to be told repeatedly that there were no appointments available.


    Within 2 days of my hospital/health care group getting a vaccine supply, I have a confirmed appointment at a clinic that does not require me to go mingle in one of the state-sponsored mass vaccination sites.  I'm happy, and will be happier once I'm actually vaccinated (March 29).


    There are some things that private parties can accomplish better than government - and health care is one of them.



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  10. 1 minute ago, Yul Lose said:

    Sounds like your republican governor is as inept as our democrat governor is.


    Worse.  He's pro-abortion, anti-gun, and in the case of the vaccine program, inept.  I voted for the guy as a better alternative to the rabid Dems we have predominantly in state government, but he's not much better at this point.  



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  11. 16 minutes ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

     ... reminds me of my grandmother yelling "kill him" repeatedly at the tv set .... all 7 stone of her ...  :wub:

    Your Granny got stoned and watched wrestling? B)



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  12. 7 hours ago, Alpo said:

    I just took a look at a couple or three Amazon boxes. The one that stuff came in last week has brown tape that says something about prime and easy returns. The tape is cut straight.


    The one that have have been using for storage for over a year also has the brown tape with the commercial about easy returns.


    Then I have a larger box that I have been using for storage for more than 3 years. It has clear plastic tape.


    I have not seen any boxes with blue tape.


    When was this blue Hitler tape in use?


    Not sure that it ever was - just part of a logo/icon.  But I have received Amazon boxes with blue tape - maybe around the Holidays?



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