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  1. When my Dad was 90, I took him to Gillette Stadium to see his first pro football game.  We tailgated with friends in the parking lot, and then headed toward the seats.  Per his usual habit, Dad was wearing his WWII Navy Veteran ballcap.  He walked, with difficulty, with a cane, and had to stop frequently to rest.  As we made our way through the crowd, we were repeatedly approached by folks who wanted to thank him for his service and wish him well.  After the first 10 or 12, the tears were streaming down my face.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness and appreciation of so many strangers.  Young women and men wanted to know where he served and what ships he sailed on; they were uniformly stunned when he told them that he had been at Normandy on D-Day; for them, he was a living history lesson.  When we reached the entrance to the stadium, we were separated from the crowd by stadium security, and led to a private elevator that served the luxury boxes; we did not have box seats tickets, but to save him the long walk up the winding ramps to the cheap seats, they treated him to this special access, seating us in some unused luxury seats.  I was totally blown away by their courtesy and concern. 


    After that day, you could not convince me that young people lacked an appreciation for the service and sacrifice of vets, or that the Patriots' staff was anything but patriotic.  It was a day my Dad never forgot.


    People do remember.



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  2. "The guy" speaking is Glen Frye; the term "girl singer" was common parlance at the time, with no negative connotation express or implied.


    I couldn't care less about her politics; I fell in love with her voice when she sang with the Stone Ponies, and her songs have touched my soul ever since.  I feel sorry for anyone who shuts out a performer based upon his/her politics; they are missing out on so much for no good reason.




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  3. 16 hours ago, Yul Lose said:

    I was filling up my truck at the reservation gas station today and a car on the other side of the pump from me took off with the gas pump hose still connected to her car. I yelled but it was to late and she tore the hose off at the pump and the handle and nozzle bounced off the side of her car leaving a dent. She was a pretty good looking young blond lady (don’t know if that had anything to do with it) and was surprised at what she had done. She wanted to just drive off but I told her she should go in and tell them what she did because I knew they had it on video. There is a sign posted that the charge for driving off with the hose is $650.00


    For less than $100, the station could have installed break-away connectors on their hoses; cleanly separate when predictably a driver forgets that he/she is still tethered to the pump.  No spill; no lasting damage to the pump or hose.  



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  4. I realize you folks are joking around, but to avoid confusion, we should differentiate here.


    "Organic" as a general term, can refer to a foodstuff derived from carbon-based life forms - plant or animal.  You are correct - everything from tomatoes to cockroaches (if you eat that kind of stuff).


    "Organic", as used in more recent popular parlance, is a labelling requirement that refers to foodstuffs raised with natural, non-chemical methods.  The USDA (and many states) have specific definitions, basically requiring any food advertised or sold as "organic" to be raised using traditional, non-chemically enhanced methods (without man-made fertilizers or pesticides), non-GMO, and with respect for land conservation and protection of natural resources.  Certain percentages of certain artificial ingredients may be permitted.


    I like the idea of buying local, labelled organic produce; I do not buy into some of the claims made by marketers of such foods that they are in all ways superior to commercially produced foods, or are health enhancing (what is an anti-toxin, anyway?).  



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  5. Because its a combination switch.  See the little white triangular indicator at the bottom of the first section?  You rotate the first section until it points at the function that you want.  The lowest position is all lights "Off"; the next position up is "parking lights" or what some folks call "running lights"; the top position is "headlights".  The two opposing arrows in the third section is supposed to indicate left turn/right turn; press down for left, pull up for right.


    Really?  My cars have used these "international" symbols for 40 years or more; time to trade in the Edsel and move up into at least late 20th century technology.....:P



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  6. My PCC is  a Beretta CX4 in .45 ACP.  It's light, easy to handle, and very accurate.  It was also made in 9 mm, but for what purpose I don't know. ;)


    Also, unlike an AR, it's legal to sell in MA






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  7. 17 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I remember a solution several years ago. For the rhinoceros, not the elephants. They would tranquilize them and then saw their horn off. Now the poachers had no need to kill the rhino, because there was no horn to take from the dead body.


    I wonder what happened to that solution?


    Somebody probably robbed the warehouse where they put the sawed-off horns.



  8. Hmmm.....


    Odd that you would cite NOAA as a source for that position; per their own site, NOAA does NOT conclude that Atlantic storms and tropical storms are occurring more frequently due to "global warming", but rather that increased storm reporting from shipping traffic gives that impression.  Allowing for historically fewer reports in times when there were fewer ships, NOAA's source concludes that there is NO correlation between the frequency of current storms and any claimed global climate change.


    "Thus the historical tropical storm count record does not provide compelling evidence for a greenhouse warming induced long-term increase."




    Seems like you can find a source for just about any position having to do with "global warming".





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  9. I've run into a half dozens or so posts that display the following text when clicked:


    Sorry, there is a problem

    We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

    Error code: 2F173/O


    These are relatively innocuous posts, devoid of politics, argument or apparent controversy.


    Any idea why they get cut??



  10. Mrs. LL and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary this weekend.  Somehow, it just crept up.  I have been blessed with an exceptional mate.




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