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    Hardhand Smidgeon... you got to be kiddin'? What the hell is a "garbage bill"? Where do ya get 'em?






    Well TS, it's like this...


    'Bout oncet a week or so, the Garbage Fairy comes along and takes stuff from yer garbage cans - kinda like a honeybee in the springtime. But they sends ya a bill; they expects ya to send 'em money. Greedy ba$tards! They already get all that free garbage and they ain't satisfied. And if ya forgets to take your garbage cans out for 'em the night before, the garbage pig will fill yer shoes with mush. [According to Mike Cleary, the former morning personality on KNBR radio station.] :-)


    But seriously... to buy a firearm, you need an automobile registration, electric or water bill, garbage bill, or some such with your name and address on it. Can't be trustin' their own issued ID's, don'tcha know. :angry:

  2. So tomorrow some ladies in the office are hosting an annual "rummage sale" holiday fundraiser.


    Well... I was peeking at some of their "wares," and Lo, there it was ~ the moose in a rocking chair. When you pinch it, the danged thing rocks and sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" as it's nostrils light up.


    Oh my! :huh:


    And of course, this brings to mind some bizarre gifts I've received in the past... like the Billy Bass (former mother-in-law), and the talking duck (NO idea who gave that thing to me), and more...


    Anyone care to share tales of odd Holiday gifts of Christmas past...? :)


    And O Lordy, I pray I don't get a singing moose! 17.gif







  3. Yeah... ain't that sumpin'.


    A state-issued driver's license is not sufficient ID to buy a firearm in our state... ya gotta have a garbage bill or some such to supplement it. :huh:


    Sheesh. <_<


    I wonder if anyone's ever done a study to determine how much this stuff has reduced crime... :mellow:

  4. Mostly didn't do so well at altitude because the Army decided to leave the superchargers off the production models.


    Fella in the office has a large painting of a P-39 on his office wall ~ one that his Dad flew in the Pacific. Cool picture, a depiction of him about to shoot down a Zero... which he actually did! As the story went, he popped out of a cloud and there he was. Never knew what hit 'im.


    The future Lt Col Frame was a dairyman at heart... and his plane's tail bore a depiction of Elsie the Cow. ^_^


    Bill - the fella at work - still drives one of his Dad's vehicles, complete with a bumper sticker proclaiming the owner as a "P-39 Jock"


    A couple of portions of the painting... I'll try to get a complete one when I get back to work. :)





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