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  1. The closest thing you're likely to find - but it's a good find - is Fort Point; an honest-to-goodness Civil War fort, literally under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge.


    If I recall correctly, there's a story that they even fired a cannon shot at a possible Confederate ship passing by... although I cannot imagine why there'd be a Confederate ship in that neighborhood. :)


    Fort Point



  2. Placed an Amazon order Monday. Screen said "Order within the next 18 minutes for same day delivery!"


    So I had the order in within two minutes, and clicked the "same day" button.


    Got a confirmation email saying package would arrive Thursday.


    Last night tracking "green bar" showed it almost here... "arriving tomorrow by 8:00 PM"


    This morning the tracking "green bar" says it will be shipping soon.


    Sometimes I wonder if they just randomly use one o' them li'l flip arrow game spinner thingees... :rolleyes:

  3. Well, THAT was different.


    Looked like they were having fun, though.


    Hmm.... reminds me of my cousin Chuck. He married a Russian girl a few years ago... undoubtedly the most interesting wedding I've ever attended - thankfully, they had a translator for the benefit of us "down home souls."


    Reception was a bit different, and fun... but we left before the dancing started.


    A couple of observations: The Russian girls were ALL strikingly pretty! Nothing at all as I'd expected. But most of the men looked like they'd stepped out of a James Bond movie; wouldn't have been surprised if half of 'em were packing. :rolleyes:

  4. Yep... make sure you have an oversized or multiple litter boxes.


    I have one of those jug-type watering stations and an automatic feeder... at the programmed times, my voice belts out a call to dinner. Don't be between the cats and their supper! :lol:


    The first time it sounded off it confused the heck outta Sherwin... she was SO confused! She stood there and looked at me... then toward the kitchen... then at me... the kitchen... and finally walked toward my "other" voice, looking over her shoulder at me.


    Makes life MUCH easier. :)

  5. There’s a gentleman I’ve known for a number of years through Scouting. A local attorney, he has always been dedicated family man, very active in his church, and with a giving personality.


    Sheldon Feigel was a “Scout’s Scouter,” serving in a number of demanding positions, including Scoutmaster, WoodBadge Staffer, and more. He’s also a recipient of his district’s Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver… and he’s credited with guiding a number of boys to earning their Eagle rank.


    At 0630 on January 15, 2014, evidently under the order of the state Attorney General, Kamala Harris, armed DOJ officers entered the home of Sheldon and his wife, Stacey. With guns drawn, they arrested the Feigels. Their children still in bed, and officers entered their bedrooms with guns trained on the kids (ranging in age from younger than 10 to late teens).


    Stacey and Sheldon Feigel were accused of being part of a real estate scam in which a California state law was abused to steal homes. The scam was a completely nonviolent crime in which Sheldon Feigel, who is an attorney, and his cohorts allegedly used false documents to get title to abandoned properties and resell or rent them - a totally non-violent crime.


    Feigel declared his innocence, and his attorney said he passed a lie detector test.


    Stacey was released, and Sheldon was detained.


    A hearing was to be held on February 03. As she entered the courthouse to participate in the hearing and support her husband, Stacey had a massive heart attack, and died.


    Almost three years later, there is justice – of sorts.


    Last Thursday, December 08, 2016, Sheldon received some relief. In an unusual move, a Fresno County Superior Court judge has not only dismissed the charges, but apologized to Sheldon for a nearly three-year legal ordeal during which his wife died and he was disbarred.


    Judge W. Kent Hamlin dealt a major blow to the high-profile California Department of Justice investigation. Hamlin granted the prosecution’s motion to dismiss the case against Feigel with prejudice, meaning charges can’t be refiled against him.


    “Honestly, as I look at this case, I am puzzled as to how you were ever charged in this case and I’m disturbed by everything I’ve read about this case and how you and your family were treated in this case,” Hamlin told Feigel. “And since you won’t get the apology from the attorney general or the Department of Justice, on their behalf I’ll apologize for them.”


    Prayers up for the Feigels, in that they may reassemble their lives.





  6. Finally managed to snap a picture of Col. Frame's painting, done by a fella named Skip Rains.


    The story was that his wingman had spotted the Japanese plane and transmitted the sighting, then Frame popped out of a cloud behind 'im. "Got the drop on 'im!" ^_^


    Not too many Zeroes nailed by P-39's!





    Hardhand Smidgeon... you got to be kiddin'? What the hell is a "garbage bill"? Where do ya get 'em?






    Well TS, it's like this...


    'Bout oncet a week or so, the Garbage Fairy comes along and takes stuff from yer garbage cans - kinda like a honeybee in the springtime. But they sends ya a bill; they expects ya to send 'em money. Greedy ba$tards! They already get all that free garbage and they ain't satisfied. And if ya forgets to take your garbage cans out for 'em the night before, the garbage pig will fill yer shoes with mush. [According to Mike Cleary, the former morning personality on KNBR radio station.] :-)


    But seriously... to buy a firearm, you need an automobile registration, electric or water bill, garbage bill, or some such with your name and address on it. Can't be trustin' their own issued ID's, don'tcha know. :angry:

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