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  1. My wife says she doubts this was posted cause your an aviation enthusiast.







    Back 'bout the middle seventies a buddy and I shared an apartment in Pacifica. On a whim, Bill and I decided to take a ground school class down the road a bit at Skyline College. Now, it just so happened that Bill's girlfriend was from a little town up on the Russian River. Both her parents were doctors, and for fun her dad and brothers had an old Cessna 172 they'd bomb around in. Which was very cool, as we were invited to come up and "play" with her brothers and the aeroplane.


    Well, it seems that big brother thought "yours truly" had some sort of natural affinity for flying; heck, landing that thing was like pulling into my driveway. Or so I said to "brother."


    Shoulda kept my mouth shut.


    Next thing I knew, over lunch the brothers and Dad told us about this gyro copter they'd built. It was all ready to go - or would be as soon as they installed the engine!


    And they had a plan!


    They wanted to haul it to the airport (an old Army Air Corp training base with very little traffic) for "test flying." The plan was, they wanted to strap in some sandbags the same weight as the engine for ballast, then tow it down the runway behind one of the bro's Jeep and "kite" the thing for some test flying.


    And Golly Gee, Hardpan... we'd be right honored if you'd accept the honor of being our "tethered test pilot!"




    Well, wonders never cease! As young and dumb as I was even back then, I had enough sense to politely decline...! 109.gif


    But I do still find 'em kinda fascinating. :)

  2. Well whaddaya know! :)


    Metallica Singer Leaves Bay Area Because of "Elitist" Attitude


    Metallica's James Hetfield said, "'I kind of got sick of the Bay Area, the attitudes of the people there, a little bit,' he said. 'They talk about how diverse they are, and things like that, and it's fine if you're diverse like them. But showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn't fly in Marin County. My form of eating organic doesn't vibe with theirs.'"




    I ordered a regular T and a long-sleeved T for Sassparilla Kid as stocking stuffers... and in the package was a nice li'l note, a couple of "Rock or Something" decals, and a green plastic "army man." :)


    I thought that was kind of a nice whimsical touch! ^_^

  4. I waited 'til the Kid got home to finish... he had to climb into the engine bay and sit on the fender to reach the %*&^# distrubutor and plug in the new wires - there was no way I could reach the thing, even standing on a step stool.


    Knotheads put it on the backside of the engine, under the firewall overhang.


    When I asked the guy behind the counter at the parts store for the rotor and cap he just gave me a blank stare... and said "I don't think anything that new [2001] uses a cap and rotor. That should be all electronic!" He was quite surprised when he looked it up.

  5. It's called the winter equinox. Starting on the first day of winter the days get longer. Don't matter how cold or how much snow ya got, it's got to do with the movement of the earth! ;)


    Solstice, Ry... Solstice. ;)


    Winter solstice ~ shortest day and longest night. Summer solstice is in June.


    Equinoxes are the two days in March and September when the days and nights are of equal time.


    Now, if you were a Druid, you’d be celebrating Alban Arthan, which means “The Light of Arthur.” Some Druid Orders believe this means the Light of the hero King Arthur Pendragon, who is symbolically reborn as the Sun Child at the time of the Solstice. :rolleyes:


    But for most of us, it's just plumb cold. Down to 34° last night. :huh:

  6. Yeah, swapping out a bad heater core on a Ford pickup ranks up there... but that's hopefully not as common as the ignition parts. Actually, I spent two days replacing said core once, and had the new one fail in exactly three days. The dealer wanted a thousand bucks to replace a thirty dollar part.... <_<

  7. Chrysler - a pox on their engineers! :angry:


    May their eggnog curdle and all the needles shed from their artificial trees. May their fruitcakes have weevils! May their lights be wired in series with one bad bulb! A lump of coal in their stockings would be too good for 'em... 112.gif


    Anyone who's ever had to change the rotor and cap - and plugs! - on an '01 Ram Pickup with a six cylinder engine will know whereof I speak. 102.gif


    Sheesh...! 14.gif

  8. The closest thing you're likely to find - but it's a good find - is Fort Point; an honest-to-goodness Civil War fort, literally under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge.


    If I recall correctly, there's a story that they even fired a cannon shot at a possible Confederate ship passing by... although I cannot imagine why there'd be a Confederate ship in that neighborhood. :)


    Fort Point



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