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  1. If a movie was made about the true Ca. politics and the crooks & scum in Sac. <_<

    No one would believe it. :(



    What Lumpy sez. Pretty much what I've heard from a few legislators I've spoken with over the years... :huh:




    For those Californians looking to secede: Bless your hearts! :lol:


    Ha ha ha....! :D

  2. I always hated "call waiting." Annoying as heck to be talking to someone and have the phone 'beep' in my ear... I figgered if I'm talking to someone and somebody else wants to talk to me they can wait their turn ~ and the 'busy signal' let's 'em know I'm there. AND busy! ;)

  3. I think that's pretty cool. That rifle the one man is carrying in the 2nd photo down has one heckuva long barrel.


    Picture's not that clear on my laptop, but it looks like a flintlock... and yeah it's long!


    By the way ~ rough way to carry an animal. Couple of buddies and I tried it once as teenagers just to see how it worked - after all, that's how they did it in the movies! Uh... works best in the movies.

  4. A somewhat younger friend interviewed BB back in his college days... he told me that he asked BB if you had to be black to understand and feel blues.


    BB responded with "No, son... it's what's in your heart no matter who you are."


  5. Very cool, TS...! I could be jealous! :)


    Allie, I love it! ^_^


    Believe it or not, I was (re)introduced to blues by Sassparilla Kid... he discovered the genre when he was about 12, and took to it hard. He was REALLY upset when BB King came to town and he couldn't see him 'cuz the show was in a local casino. BB came back and performed at another venue when the Kid was 18 ~ I gave him a pair of the best tickets I could get.


    At about age 14 the Kid had done so much research that he could pretty much identify any piece he heard and tell you the singer/player's history... he was totally immersed. Later branched out into jazz and bluegrass, but blues is still his passion.


    Here he is back during high school... trying out a $17,000 replica of SRV's "Lenny."


    And no, I didn't buy it for him. But I did give him another Strat, and he later built one.



  6. I used to shoot at a non-sass club that allowed big bore for main match rifle. I also used my marlin 1895, with black powder too. I could not agree with you more about the thump. Man was that fun. The range closed down though, unfortunately.


    RK, by chance would that have been the Chabot club...? :mellow:

  7. Since this is California, I doubt it was a 'snafu'.


    It would seems to make more sense that it was deliberate in order for the anti-gun yahoos to pressure the instructors to : 1) stop instructing, or; 2) move out of CA.


    Actually, LT, "Snafu" would be quite appropriate. :mellow:



    Hmmm....Why am I not surprised? Actually I am a bit. I'm surprised they didn't release the info of every gun owner in Kalifornia. Took them two months to notify the victims? The victims of this ATTACK need to sue the crap out of the state for that.


    That was done in New York (maybe other places also) a few years ago. Didn't go over well at all. -_-

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