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  1. 2 hours ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:

    Girlie men use Super Glue. Real men use JB Weld. :D


    2 hours ago, Michigan Slim said:

    That's for shoe and clothing repair! The glue fixes ya right up.



    Don't forget about BARGE CEMENT~!!  ;)


    Heck...we used it for everything from re-attaching boot soles to gluing Volkswagen crankcase halves together.  ^_^


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  2. 2 minutes ago, Michigan Slim said:

    I may have drank that much once but I aint tellin.


    Slim, are you dragging a picture in to the body of your post?  I've had something similar happen when I do that; if you save the graphic then use the "choose files..." next to the paper clip at the bottom of the page to load the picture it should work.  :)


    Maybe.  :rolleyes:

  3. 7 hours ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:


    Mine uses my pocket knives! I have found a few with broken tips!:angry: I now ground them off to a flat edge so she can use them as a screwdriver!


    So Sassparilla Kid has given his Ma (the Former Missus Hardpan) a set of Japanese kitchen knives (Miyabi Hibana?) 


    Evidently, she managed to mangle the tip of one* of 'em...  "Ma!  Don't you know that these are hand crafted by a little old Japanese Master Bladesmith in a hut working over a hot forge while wearing a diaper??"  :o


    *The Kid repaired it by carefully re-grinding the tip with stones. 

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