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  1. 4 hours ago, Buckshot Bob said:

    Poor Jim 



    My favorite episode - from 1971, To Rope a Grizzly  ^_^


    Sunday, February 1971, those of us in the Kappa Phi Delta house who didn't have Valentine's Day dates (most of us!) were perched on the edges of our seats, beers clutched in hand but forgotten, watching in astonishment...  :rolleyes: 



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  2. 5 minutes ago, Buckshot Bob said:

    One of the things I really miss about PRC . Where I lived up in Susanville opening day of dove season was a big deal, everyone went 


    Yup... love it!  A "rite of passage" here in the Central Valley, which we continue to celebrate every September 01.  SO many memories... and stories!  ^_^


    Always fun going into town for breakfast after that opening day morning shoot and seeing the  restaurants full of happy folk in camouflage.  :)



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  3.                   The Stairs at Balamand University, Lebanon

    This book staircase in Balamand University is known as the StairCase of knowledge. The staircase exhibits 21 book covers in chronological order. This incredible staircase was solely designed by the students for a project, and it is located next to the university library.



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