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  1. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is you have offended the Black Powder Gods!   15 gn of APP 3f and backer rod.  XXX is APP and backer rod?

    A sorry state it is, as sorry state.:P  You will never find true happiness loading for a BP category unless you follow the true path of smokiness  bliss.  Until you do, all your complications and setbacks finding the perfect, loaded round will hound you unmercifully. 

    The Gods have spoken!

    And so has,

    Chazzle Dazzle:ph34r:



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  2. I am considering putting the front and rear kit on our 3500 Silverado before making the trip to Alabama and Tennessee this year.  Has anyone here used the company's products and if so, what are your observations?  We pull a 12,000 pound travel trailer with the truck bed full inside the camper shell.

    Thank you for any information provided.


    Chas B


  3. I have been doing this for many years so my $.02.

    Using a moly coat or whatever the red coating is with real BP.

    I put enough powder in the case so by itself, if seated the bullet will contact the powder.  At the bullet seating station I place a .125" fiber wad, a .125" grease cookie and an overshot card wad and then the bullet.

    The card wad keeps the grease cookie from sticking to the base of the bullet, the grease cookie provides enough lube so a star forms on the face of the muzzle.

    Even for my 30" '73.

    The fiber wad does double duty.  Isolates the powder from the grease cookie and acts as a wiping ring to push the fowling out.

    Both Annie and I can shoot a 12 stage match over several days never touching the guns unless I want to.

    Again, real BP, FFFG and some loads are FFFFG.

    Same process for big bore except for a 3/16" grease cookie.

    Chas B 

    32-20, 38spl, 357 mag, 44 Russian, 44-40, 45 Colt, 32-40, 38-55, 40-60, 4O-65 and 45-70.




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