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  1. Yeah, but it would only run in reverse. Make stuff come out rather than go in.
  3. Be careful!! I wanted to go home so badly that I finally escaped and managed to get completely out of the hospital before I was apprehended. I was walking down a busy city street before the cops caught me. I meant it when I said I wanted to go home.
  4. I should have the right to comb my hair before you take my morning picture!
  5. You shouldn't have any dust to worry you.
  6. The earthlings are very strange in that they have an inordinate number of dirty white kittens.
  7. She is a beautiful woman and deserves all of the love and praise being offered in this thread.
  8. I had a fall in June and the result was very similar to a stroke. Everyone associated with her should realize she is still in there, she just has trouble communicating. She will need infinite patience. Simple things can be insurmountable.
  9. I first met her at Shootin in the Shade a whole lot of years ago. she was coming out of her vendor tent as I was going in. When we got untangled I took a good look and thought "Wow! This is something special". I still think so. Like Blackwater said: Get well! There aren't enough girl types like you.
  10. Too many cowboys and cow girls hurting from accident or injury. All need prayers for health and safety! Let us all repair our damages and get ready for spring shoots!
  11. If you dig it, do it!! If it feels good, do it again!!
  12. Here in Southwest Missouri if you get on my lawn the dust will choke you to death. Just spent 3 grand on a new mower and the grass died.
  13. Make it 357 and thats my gun. Very satisfied with my "Codymatic".
  14. Me and J-Bar also known as the Evil Twins
  15. Went over and looked and they got some real short barrels 12-13".
  16. 60 degrees day before yesterday. Ice and snow yesterday and sunny with a -4 degree wind chill today. SKB found it's way to my house in December.
  17. Iffin you don't have the cream the whiskey works quite well.
  18. NO, NO, NO! Coffee was made for Irish Whiskey. You guys fussing about the snow, a fellar 2 miles south of me is baling hay today.
  19. Back At Cha


    Only thing I saw was a 98 Mauser in 30-06. He wanted $800. I thought that was too much for a project gun.

    One of the guys shooting Plainsman was shooting a Burnside rifle.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X24fXGIo2No




    1. Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001

      Chickasaw Bill SASS #70001


      that is way too high for a 98 

        would have liked to see the Burnside , do not think I have handled one , know I have never shot one 



  20. Let's do this: Since one of the most raised points in favor of Rank Points is the suspense at the awards ceremony, Lets do Total time and everybody promise to not peek at the score sheets,
  21. Any place that has over 1000 full service campsite on the grounds is special.
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