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  1. Don't you be calling my younger twin "old".
  2. I have the distinct picture of a radiologist telling all his friends "come on down to my area. We going to do an emergency MRI that's gonna be a blast."
  3. When I was a child, a young very well endowed neighbor went to his out house. He set down on the seat and his large social muscle swung forward to hit the front boards. A black widow was waiting. He was one very sick puppy!
  4. My Dr. told me that since I had misbehaved as a young man that all my babies would be born naked?
  5. He gave up his claim to Greek and Danish Royalty as well as his military ranks when he became a British citizen to marry Elizabeth.
  6. I need cannon cocker help. For the life of me I cannot remember the series of commands that tells a battery entering a new area to prepare for a fire mission.
  7. Our home sits on top of an Ozark hill looking down on US Bus. Hwy 60 where the mailbox is. I sit and look down at the highway and find my self thinking: "I didn't leave anything down there so I have no reason to go down there." Physical infirmities have limited my ability to roam around. I have shot one complete 6 stage match in the last 2 years. The China virus has prevented the surgery that would make day to day easier. One of these days?
  8. Sweet Home Alabama
  9. Exactly what Blackwater said!
  10. The question as should you come to this "big match". This is a "BIG" match in reputation and attendees only. Smaller range and attitude. Instead of trying to submerge you in that stinky stuff you might find in my bull pen, they go way out of their way to allow you to rub shoulders with some of the best while seeing how a "professionally run match" feels. My first "big match" I attended rather than shoot. Was disappointed cause I could have done better than several of the old timers. I would not have won anything but I would not have come in last either. Take your guns mak
  11. and I think I have reason to complain? God help us everyone.
  12. Noz


    Maybe those that refuse the shots have to wear a 6 pointed gold star?
  13. I limped and wheezed to a cowboy shoot yesterday. First time this year I've worn long pants and probably the last. I warned the crew to be prepared for the introduction of my kilt sometime in the next month or so.
  14. I thought EOT was moving to Oklahoma? After this year.
  15. I have gotten my fanny warmed several time for not thanking my Mother for a meal. Simply was not done.
  16. Wasn't Betty banned because it was demeaning to women?
  17. I'm in favor of showroom cars as a base. Do what you want with them. If you give them too much power they won't finish a race, not enough and they won't win. Run what you brung. Let the checkered flag show what works best.
  18. Looks to me like there is a huge amount of faith involved.
  19. The Brits know how to write war poetry. .....and It's Tommy this and Tommy that......
  20. I voted for Barry Goldwater and was totally astounded when he lost. I could not believe that any thinking person did not vote for him. This is when I realized that politics was a sham. The only good thing is that I now continue to vote for the best candidate with the realization that he probably will not win and if he does he will be a disappointment.
  21. Your mother was raped by a diseased camel, and, enjoyed it. From an enlisted man that had spent too much time in IRAN. It sounds much better when spoken in Farsi.
  22. You're cooking them better than I. I quit fishing for them because I thought they tasted terrible.
  23. OH MY! I failed the middle bottom test.
  24. Friday night at Long Binh City.
  25. Always get the annual flu shot with perfect results. I get my second China shot tomorrow. The injection was a bit more painful due to the larger volume of the inserted material. Lazy the afternoon of the shot and I slept thru most of the next day. No headache, muscle aches, pains, that others have reported. All in all a non event.
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