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  1. I use a single-stage press, and put a pvc connector over the ram, tall enough that the bullet will go below the top when you lower the cartridge.

    put the cartridge in the shell plate, grab the bullet with a wire stripper/crimper (see below), and lower the ram


    the striper will really dig into the bullet and not slip off


    I cast my own so it's not like I lose the bullet, I just recast the lead



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  2. I use whatever is the  cheapest auto wash and wax from wally world + ¼ teaspoon of Lemi-Shine


    leaves a thin coating that keeps the shells from tarnishing--some over 3 years old still bright and shiny


    remember you can get the primers corroded in the primer pockets if you let them in there too long--this is why I deprime first--but totally understand the 'too much work' part of your post


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