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  1. as to the 44 Mag/45 Colt dilemma:  I color code the head of all my cartridges:  black/blue for pistol and red for rifle.  This keeps the right cartridges in the right firearms with a quick glance


    go to a match or two or ten.  Cowfolk will be more than happy to let you try their guns--we're special that way.  





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  2. 20 minutes ago, Rattlesnake Slim said:

    The Colts and Remingtons feel totally different, you would be wise to try a couple of each if you can find somebody else shooting them. Also, different barrel lengths feel and balance differently. The Colts have an advantage there because you can swap barrels. I bought a pair of the "Man With No Name" guns in .38 just for fun. They felt and handled so great that I haven't shot my Vaqueros since.



    attend a match or two and ask about revolvers you like--9 chances out of 10 the pard will let you hold it and fire a few rounds.  We're friendly like that


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