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  1. 1 hour ago, Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 said:

    The two (one in 44-40, and one in 45) that Coffinmaker built me were inspired by this one, converted by a Peruvian gunsmith in the late 1880s

    No engraving (that would be nice!), loading gate (a copy of the original Henry's Patent Loading  Gate -- like a hinged door), barrel shortened at the point where it goes from octagon-to-round.
    It handles like a dream with a bit shorter barrel, and still holds 10 44-40s, and the 45 holds even more C45S cartridges.

    He's a master!



    Even the case is cool!


  2. If this was asked before then I missed it.  Here on the Wire when you hover the mouse pointer over an avatar pic, a box opens to list number of posts, reputation number, and badges number.  The badges number seems to be zero for everybody I checked (including some folks who won their category at EOT).  So what is that for?

  3. There is an older Uberti Henry with a stretched frame on the shelf at Cimarron.  There is also a new Henry frame on the shelf that was ordered to replace the stretched frame.  When the customer found out how much the new frame would cost, he said forget it, just keep the rifle.


    Regardless of rifle vs pistol, etc. I think that IF you could buy just a frame the cost would be close to a new gun.  Better off buying the rifle, sell off the extra parts, and deal with the SBR tax stuff.  IMO.

  4. 11 minutes ago, cowrustler said:

    Glad to see these gone- I always thought the 1861s were the best looking of all Colt cap and ball revolvers and these were tempting....


    If you get a hankering later, an Uberti 1860 Richards Type II in .38 actually uses a Navy frame and cylinder, and '60 barrel looks the same as a '61..  So replacing the army grip with Navy makes a '61 conversion!  (I did).  :)


    Safecracker Solon, enjoy your new Richards.  They are purdy!

  5. 1 hour ago, Marauder SASS #13056 said:

    Now if ya can just light that mustache on fire as well, that would be some picture!!!


    I set my face on fire in '77 (gasoline).  The mustache and beard actually helped protect my face!  But once was enough.

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  6. Are you sure those are threads?  Pic on VTI  and exploded diagram of part, while not hi-res, do not appear threaded, and in fact would seem to me an odd part to be threaded.

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  7. There's always lots of neat pics of BP shooters making smoke. Usually from the barrel.  Dutch Van Horn takes lots of pics at matches in central Texas, and got this one at the recent Battle of Plum Creek.  The smoke is still pouring from the empty!  I must confess, I was slacking and shooting APP in the rifle, just didn't have time to lube bullets.


    Obviously this was the first shot, otherwise there would be 5 or 6 more empties in the air, right? :D




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  8. 4 hours ago, Cliff Hanger #3720LR said:

    Might want to read this test on rifle primers.


    Thanks.  That tells me that the cci small rifle magnum cups were probably harder than standard a dozen years ago, but I'm wondering if that has changed now that cci standard cups seem more like Federal.


    4 hours ago, Kid Rich said:

    Depends. Go to SKSboards and look up primer info chart it will answer most of your ?. I think the CCI are a little softer than when this article was written but very good info there.


    Thanks.  A 2010 discussion indicated that the magnum cups are harder, but again has anything changed?  I am going to assume that they are still harder unless some folks come forward and say they have been using them with no problems in their tuned CAS guns.  Natchez has had the small magnum rifle lately .

  9. Bringing this back for a question.  Knowing that small rifle primers are same as small pistol is good, but what about small rifle MAGNUM primers?  Are those interchangeable with small pistol magnum (which for CAS use would be same as SP)?  In particular, does being magnum make them have a harder cup that would take more force to set off?

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