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  1. So we here at the Virtue Flat Shootist Society at Baker City, Oregon have, for several years, held our annual match, Violence at Virtue Flat, the second weekend of July. By way of shamelessly poaching off of Major Art Tillery's "Classic Cowboy Showdown" we have decided to hold our own "Classic Cowboy Faceoff" at our next Violence at Virtue Flat match coming up this July 7-9, 2023. This will be a fifteen stage main match no warm-up event, and the following rules apply to the Classic Cowboy category, which I myself shoot (and I quote):



    2023 VFSS Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Faceoff
    Greetings and salutations! Do we have any brave cowboys and cowgirls ready to embrace the greatest category in SASS? If you think you're up to the challenge of shooting in the Classic Cowboy/Classic Cowgirl Category and want to shoot with the cool kids, then here's what you'll need to know to shoot CC at this year's match:
    1. All SASS rules regarding the Classic categories will apply, i.e., duelist style only, hammered double or 1887 shotgun, 73, 66 or 1860 Henry rifle, any SASS legal hoglegm etc. All cartridge guns must be .40 caliber or larger. .36  or larger caliber cap and ball revolvers may also be used. If you want to shoot black powder in your cartridge guns because you think that it makes you even cooler than shooting Classic already does, feel free to do so; it's your choice! For further rules along these lines as well as clothing and accoutrement requirements see the SASS Handbook. 
    2. There will be no age-based divisions of the category. If you're shooting Classic you're shooting against everybody who showed up to toss their hat in the ring, and that includes the ladies. I hope that this doesn't scare anybody off, 'cause I'd really like to see some of you fine ladies shooting CC. 
    3. There will be only one award in the Classic Category, period. There will be no "participation trophies". The award will go to the fastest Classic, whether it be Cowboy or Cowgirl.  This is not a facetious declaration; there are some dang fast Classic Cowgirls out there, and one of them could be the overall champ! 
    I do believe that we already have the trophy buckle for the top Classic ordered, so if there's even the slightest chance that any of you Classic shooters out there are available that weekend to come hang with us and test your skills against some of the coolest kids on the block, give us a holler and come shoot with us! It'll be a 'blast"!
    Oh, and did I mention that we provide a catered lunch on all three days of the main match?
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  2. i watched the part of the National Finals Rodeo that I wanted to watch on the DVR (Steer wrestling: local kid came into the NFR in sixth place and was second last night. Team roping just because my kids did it in high school and college and I like watching Jade Korkill rope) and decided to peruse the Wire with the TV on in the background for noise. Too damn many commercials so the TV went off and music went on. Much nicer...

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  3. 7 hours ago, Birdley123 said:

    Hi there, I’m not new to reloading but am new to shotshell reloading.

    As such I’m looking for hulls/wad combos suitable for 00buck (home defense)

    Any info will be much appreciated !




    Get ahold of a Lyman shotgun reloading manual. You'll get more info than you thought you needed! 


    I've loaded some #4 buckshot shells based on the Lyman book using hulls that I deemed to be not good enough for CAS loads using IMR 700-X.

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  4. For many years the community hall in our little ranching community has been the site of a traditional style Thanksgiving dinner and will be again this year. Our family provides two turkeys, stuffing, gravy and enough other food for a small city. The rest is potluck and the results are generally quite good. Dinner 1230ish, pinochle and other games after dinner, folks going in and out depending on what chores they need to do, then supper from the leftovers 5ish. Some years we’ve had 25 people, some years we’ve had 75 people. Depends a lot on the weather and travel conditions. Only Thanksgiving meal my wife had been to in her life until we got married. 

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