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  1. I got 2000 Remington small pistol and 1000 Remington large pistol primers yesterday at a "local" store (40 miles away) for $70/1000 with no limit on how many you could buy. They also had some powder but I'm pretty well set on powder for the nonce...

  2. Howdy! I was surprised to find out that CC will be divided by age at EOT next year. I ended up in Senior CC. I saw the Who's Comin'" list on Faceplant last night but category isn't listed with alias so I thought I would ask here: who ended up in Senior CC? It'll be interesting to see how many, if any, of my fellow SCC's I'm acquainted with!

  3. On 8/8/2021 at 5:26 PM, Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L said:

    Recieved an email from her today that apparently was sent to all who have registered to let them know they are in with details on the entry later.

    I'm in!

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  4. I would like to second Hunt Mountain Drifter's nomination of Holy Rider. There aren't a huge number of CC shooters in our part of the world but Holy Rider definitely personifies the category if anybody does. Win or lose he is always one of the most gracious gents you could ever want to meet. He even goes so far as to encourage his fellow CC's to shoot faster even if it means that he gets beat. He doesn't care. He is always the humblest of fellers out there.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, LawMan Mark, SASS #57095L said:

    Me too.  Last night was a Dan Wesson Guardian 9mm, with one extra mag.  

    But if it's a 9mm, is it really a 1911? :D 


    And now back to your regularly scheduled thread...

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  6. Weekend update: The pump has been running since Thursday a week ago. I have added another garden hose to the system so that the hose connected to the pump ends at essentially the same elevation all of the time. When it's time to water my irises, 'maters, etc. I unscrew the hose that is going to the bulk tank and screw on a 100 foot hose going back downhill to the "garden". This appears to be keeping the pump going steadily. 

    On 6/28/2021 at 2:33 PM, John Kloehr said:

    I found it (your Thursday update) interesting that putting a taller head on the output (500 gallon tank versus the irises at a lower elevation)  seems to have improved reliability.


    What I am wondering... As you increase altitude on the output, does the pump cycle (clack) slower? 

    Changing the location of the output doesn't seem to have affected the clacker speed. It has always run about 2 seconds per cycle no matter where the end of the output hose is.

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  7. Update: Several days ago I gave the drive pipe a second look and found a couple of small, unnoticed humps in it. I rearranged stuff so that the humps flattened out and got a couple of air bubbles out of the pipe. The pump still didn't run consistently but it did run better. Then I had a "Eureka!" moment yesterday morning. The pump had run all night with the outlet end of the outlet hose at the top of my yard filling a 500 gallon holding tank. As soon as I towed the end of the hose down to where I could water my irises, about 8 feet above the pump, the pump quit working. I had recently seen a Youtube video in which the guy who made it had done some "back pressure" testing so I wondered if I needed more back pressure on the system. I elevated the first 15 feet of the outlet hose so that the water has to climb about 16 feet or so from the pump before it can go on out the hose. The pump has since only stopped twice since 6AM this morning and those stops appeared to be from tiny pieces of silt between the clacker valve and the seat. I think I may have solved the problem!

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