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  1. 1 hour ago, Texas Joker said:

    Is there a likelihood that the Army will bring back cu.. um garrison caps and get rid of the berets?

    I sure hope so.  The beret is stupid!  Doesn't block sun or rain and most personnel don't know how to wear it correctly.

  2. 8 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    Ah, now we have number 3.

    I’m curious, why would you open a thread if you’re tired of the same old crap? Or are you just hoping to entertain yourself by starting an argument?

    Nope.  I enjoy the branch bashing.  I just get tired of the endless "jokes" that Lieutenants are all idiots and officers in general are worthless.  And yes, I was a commissioned officer yet I am not continually saying things like how all the enlisted personnel I served with were a step from Leavenworth.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Pat Riot said:


    So now you’re the second guy to get miffed over these memes. 

    Here, this may help. 


    I'm not offended by it, just really tired of the same old crap.  At least I 'm not Francis.....

  4. 58 minutes ago, July Smith said:

    I am out of the loop and not really into football, what is the reason to not watch the super bowl this year? 

    When the NFL decided to allow the kneelers and started playing an alternative national anthem,  they lost whatever limited interest I had in them.  

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  5. Purchased 2 El Patrons new.  Both had the same problem (or it could have been me with my actions on the trigger).  Fought with them for 4 months until I changed out the hammer and trigger to a 4 click model.  Problems went away......

  6. I was able to tour the Victory when on leave once a long time ago.  Standing on the spot where Nelson died,  I was truly surprised by how short everyone must have been back there.  Not a lot of space between the decks.

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  7. Crossed the Atlantic on an empty troop transport once.  Hit seas like that and we were tied down at the mess table.  Hanging on to ropes in the whatever you squids call hallways.  Threw up solid for about three days.  Glad to get off and Not do it again...

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  8. 8 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    I bought one of those jackets that Adventure Bike riders wear. I was trying to find something cooler than my heavy leather jacket. 
    It was in the upper 90’s. I made it about a mile on a street with lights designed to stop me at every intersection. 
    I turned around and went back to the store. Luckily I was able to return it for full price (I didn’t remove the tags).

    I bought it because the guy showed me all the openings all over the jacket to help keep you cool. 
    All the openings did zero good because the jacket pressed against me negating the air flow that was supposed occur while riding. 

    Lots of disagreement over whether mesh gear works or not (depends on how hot it is for the evaporation to be effective)  but I wear mesh jacket and pants all summer and survive.  Better than nothing and lots better than a full leather jacket. Just have to keep hydrated..... Check out wickedstock.com.  Good quality gear at a decent price.

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  9. Too hot in Texas for that extra add-on stuff.  I wear the armored jacket, pants, and gloves all the time.  And always remember the two basic rules for motorcycles:  1.  Don't fall down and 2.  Everyone else on the road is trying to kill you.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    I thought that the British went after the rigging to make it easier for their gunners to shoot holes in the hulls so as to let the water in.

    Just about everything I have read says the British would first go after the hull and cannons.

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  11. French tactics were exactly that - dismantle the rigging, knock down masts, etc.  British tactics were to shoot holes in the hull and dis mantle their opponents artillery - and let the water in...

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  12. 41 minutes ago, Pat Riot said:



    I started to say that this girl is completely nuts, but then remembered that I have done a few very similar things and decided not to throw rocks from my glass house. 

    Still nuts and we hope she doesn't have a hard lesson from it....

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  13. 3 minutes ago, Injun Ryder, SASS #36201L said:

    All the clubs that I have shot with - MDQ - you're done!


    Most pards that have gotten them stayed and helped with posse duties. Very few left in a huff.

    Same here.  And haven't had anyone take it wrong.

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    She won’t be going to flight school anytime soon, that’s why she’s going to Harvard. BTW, it’s very common for service academy grads to attend post-graduate school outside the military. And very few USAFA grads are selected for flight training anyway. The vast majority have careers not directly related to aviation. 

    Hope you’re not being critical. She’s an impressive woman regardless of her looks. 

    I am being critical to a point.  People who attend our military academies need to get in the trenches and serve as the leaders they are supposed to be.  Shouldn't be allowed to have their obligation changed or shortened because of being able to play a sport or win a beauty pageant.  The only reason the academies exist is to provide officers for their various branches.

  15. 7 hours ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    “Miss America” has a busy schedule. I wonder how that will clash with the Air Force.

    Won't matter for a while.  She's at Harvard getting her master's degree.  Hasn't even been to flight school yet.   Sure glad we paid for her education....

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