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  1. Was thinking of Velvet Glove & Headstone this morning. I check daily for updates and it has been several days since the last report. I do hope she is progressing with her recovery. May God bless them both.  

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  2. Well, my wife & I are both retired and on a fixed income with the bulk of our income from SSI. We're actually saving money during the shutdown due to no dining out & less driving our cars. I'm pro-life, pro-2nd A & pro-SASS. I appreciate SASS & the Wild Bunch believing they make necessary adjustments to keep CAS alive & well. C19 is what it is and we all enjoy the freedom to respond as we see fit. May God bless us.

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  3. Glad to learn that the lady is exceeding expectations in her recovery. Unbuckling the seat belt or transferring from/to the wheelchair without assistance will bring the wrath of Kahn upon you. As it was explained to me, "you don't want to be recovering from an injury & stroke at the same time". Best wishes to Velvet Glove.


    Vaya con Dios, Keystone

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  4. Howdy Raging Thunder,


    Let me compliment you on a terrific gun room. Because I value my gun rigs as much as my firearms I keep them in my safe. I always air them out well before putting them in the safe, remove holsters from the belts and loosely coil the belts. Not sure which would be more difficult to replace if stolen guns or rigs so I keep them both in the safe. For storage I've seen freestanding coat/hat racks and wall mount coat/hat racks work good.


    Hasta Luego, Keystone


    PS Is that a lazy susan I see in the lower right hand corner of the pic? Dang, what a room!

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  5. Howdy,


    When first joining SASS the individual membership cost is $75 and then the yearly renewal is $65. Spouse is $60 with a renewal of $55 and Junior (18 & under) $25 with renewal of $5. This info may be found on the SASS Homepage under Membership.


    Hasta Luego, Keystone


    PS No offense, but I think posting on the Forum should be a privilege of membership, viewing of course would free.

  6. Howdy Johnny,


    We were pleased to have you and Jim Powder shot with us. Y'all shot very well and both finished in the top ten, congrats. Hope to see you back again real soon. However, if you want to shoot with Widder it may be after groundhog day. :)


    Hasta Luego, Keystone

  7. Well, I guess is a matter of opinion.


    If it is an unusally warn day in the winter, it's an Obama kind of day, "Global Climate Change aka Global Warming".

    If it is an unusally cold day in the winter, it's a Trump kind of day, "See I told you, no such thing as Global Warming".


    Were the snows really deeper when we were kids? Or, were we just shorter when the snow was half way up to our butts? :D


    Hasta Luego, Keystone

  8. Well,


    The wife's 38's & 357's don't need primer pocket cleaning but the 45's using Trailboss & Federal LP primers get dirty. Recently started wet tumbling 45's with SS pins after removing primers. Nice clean cases with clean primer pockets. Wet cleaning is a little more labor but no dust or media residues left on the press is well worth it. Also, with wet tumbling there is no dust in the air or on the floor as it all goes down the drain. A lot quieter too. New primers press very smoothly in the pockets with a real firm feeling when fully seated.


    Hasta Luego, Keystone

  9. Hello Mary,


    Well, here in East TN (Knoxville) we shoot all year round. I can shoot every weekend with less than a 1.5hr drive. Closest range is Oak Ridge Outlaws only 20min drive. Knoxville has two Jo-Ann's, one northeast & one on the west. You've heard from Tombstone & Widder but don't let that deter you. :D


    Hasta Luego, Keystone

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