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  1. Several days ago I was speaking with a employee of Federal. He mentioned that when Remington was getting back into production the owners decided to send raw materials required for primers to the Remington plant in AR. so they could start up. This diminished production at Federal in MN. In addition the industry as a whole ( primer manufacturing) is having difficulty in acquiring raw materials from India and Chian.  Covid , lack of employees and delays in shipping have all made it more difficult.

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  2. I was VERY lucky when I started. Had my first pistol and very nice uberti and was asking around for a second. The guy that was running the local club told me a shooter was moving and looking to sell some guns. Bought two colt SAA in 45 that were worked over by Bob James for 600.00. Still have those and learned quickly that a good gunsmiths who could smooth out the Colt were limited and worth their charges. Now about the endless list of guns that I let get by or sold off, SKB,Colt and Winchester.

  3. LGS in my state had federal small and large pistol as well as CCI for 55.00 a thousand with sale tax. Limited to purchase a thousand of each size per visit. That’s the best price I have seen in many months. I did buy some to carry me over until prices stabilize.

    LGS owner said at present their costs are up but he was hopeful that would change. He also told me he would not raise the price on the primers as he figured if he charged a fair price to his customers they would stay his customers. 

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  4. Recently at a small monthly shoot we had a fairly new shooter at the line. I was the TO in order to carefully watch and assist the shooter. First gun was ten rounds from the rifle. The shooter safely fired the ten rounds but did not lever the rifle and eject the last empty. As he placed the rifle down with the lever closed I as the TO ordered him to open the lever. He did so and out popped the empty round, he continued the stage and completed it safely. At the end of the stage I explained to the shooter and posse (most new to SASS) that in a match we do not call the shooter back during the stage run but do so at the completion of the stage and then the penalty for an empty round in the chamber. Good learning experience for all and the new shooter appreciated a clean stage.

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  5. Federal small and large pistol primers at my LGS are 52.5 a thousand. Limit a thousand of each per purchase.

    not like two years ago when federal had rebates but at least they are in stock

  6. FYI, I have purchased a rifle (44-40 lightning) from Yul. Honest cowboy and I would not hesitate to deal with him.

    I found that the rifle I received was nicer than he described.

    that being said these ROA that he has listed here are worth every penny.

    Ruger does not make them anymore and with the extra cylinder and engraving these would be a good investment 

    just wish I had the extra gold

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  7. I shot in the same posse as Griff, he was determined to shoot a clean match and we all admired his commitment to do so.

    that third day the rain was constantly falling just the amount varied.

    I loaded the guns under a large umbrella taking care to keep it dry. The guns once charged were placed into holster under my rain slicker.

    The caps all fired but as mentioned three failed to powder. Powder was APP fffg. Grif was using real black and as you can see on his video experienced failure to ignite the powder. I did recap the chambers that failed and they fired with the second try.

    Enjoyed the shoot and would do it again just looking to improve the results in rain.






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  8. I shot my first EOT this year and really enjoyed it very much. On the third day of the shoot I was in the mid day group and was faced with four stages in the rain.

    Moisture is a real problem with cap and ball ignition.

    I made it through three stages with no issues but on the fourth the rain caught up to me and had three fail to fire. Got a pop of the cap but no ignition of the powder. 
    looking for suggestions to improve my shooting. Would a magnum cap help?

    best regards


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  9. Sad to hear about the accident, I hope who ever did it contacts you. With all of the RV's in the lot along with the trailers I guess it is also possible one of them struck your truck as they were leaving.

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  10. I believe the base model (fixed choke) will run $500.00 delivered.

    That certainly is a fair price.

    They will take orders on the shipments no deposit required at this time. Delivery after the first of the year

    Given the up and down history of 1887 and 1897 guns from China I hope that they come through.



    Thank you to those who have severed in the Military 

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  11. When my father past I acquired a second Model B style Tumbler. No need for two so I am offering one for sale.

    Checking with Midway USA I see the new price is 219.00. These are a large capacity very strong tumbler, will clean large numbers of brass either wet or dry.

    Very well made unit.

    $ 75.00 plus actual shipping




  12. The current discussion on the media is that the airlines can impose a rule that would not allow ammo on the aircraft. It is the fastest and easy way to regulate without a law passage and difficult to fight. Hope not as I plan to fly to Winter Range this year! Could cause issues for th honest people.

  13. Wadcutter ammo is mainly used for paper targets. The wadcutter will cut a round hole on the paper target which is helpful with the scoring. If a round cuts the line of the next higher scoring ring on the target the higher score is counted. In some cases a target plug is inserted into the bullet hole to check the score value. While many are correct that the Smith & Wesson Mdl. 52(semi auto) used wadcutter ammo it was and is used in many other handguns for target shooting. Back in the old days when the wheel guns were the issue weapon of law enforcement they were also the handgun used in PPC competition. I fired many thousands of rounds of wadcutter ammo in my Smith & Wesson K frame with custom bull barrel and bomar rib. Most wadcutters are made from a softer lead blend then we use for SASS. We used to load 148 grain hollowbase wadcutters upside down for close shooting at skunks and other varmints. They were a cheap form of hollowpoint with terrific close range energy transfer to target.

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