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  1. I can't remember the last time I got a busy signal when calling someone. I get voice mail or they answer. It seems the busy signal has been destined to the dark shelves of history!


    Remember if you really had to get a hold of someone and it was busy you could call the operator and she would cut into the call and tell the person someone is trying to get a hold of them. It had to be an emergency though! :o


    Anyone get busy signals anymore?? :huh:

  2. I gotta start loading some .45-70 soon, I used to use Clay's but I'd like to know what everyone's using out there. It's for a Marlin 1895 Cowboy.


    No I am NOT going to load black powder so save your BP comments please!! :lol:

  3. If you ever get a chance to listen to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett album of them singing old standards you'll see that Lady does have some real talent. A jazz musician friend of mine, saxaphonist Joey Lovano, said Lady can really sing some great jazz and plays some decent piano but preferred to make some real money acting like a whacko!!! (my words not his)



    That said, I will watch the half time show, it's kinda like watching a car wreck :blink:

  4. We got a couple kids around here that appear to be pretty busy when it snows! I hired a snowplow guy though, just because he's here early in the morning when it snows more than 2". I can't always depend on the kids.

  5. I have to sign in for is the Lone Ranger poster and a few others, not all of them come up without signing in. If I sign in they they want me to check out "Prime Photos" and I lose the link!


    I'd really like to see the Lone Ranger one. Does it have a frame?



  6. Howdy


    I had to listen to the video a bunch of times to hear where he said they were located. Finally I got it, New Britain, which isn't far from Hartford where the Colt factory is.


    A couple of things. He keeps repeating it is a Single Action Army. If he insists on calling it that, Colt will sue him because that is a registered trademark of the Colt company. He said the gun he was holding had a 4 3/4" barrel, but it sure looked like a 5 1/2" barrel to me. Making the gun in the USA I'm not surprised at the price, you can't build something of equal quality in the USA with Italian labor rates.


    And yes Chuck, I doubt it will be available here in MASS. You and me will have to keep haunting the back alleys for Colts.

    Driftwood, good observation I guess I wasn't listening very carefully but you're right that is a 5 1/2" and he DID say 4 3/4"!! :lol:

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