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  1. He is correct, it will not stamp well! There is the option to brand the lettering on the suede in lieu of paint! There is are branding tool on the market.
  2. Well here it is! US201855.pdf US202613.pdf
  3. Don't need 2 hands to reload if you have this!
  4. I guess you know there is a reproduction out there. https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/scheda-prodotto.asp/l_en/idpr_395/rifles-whitworth-rifle-whitworth-rifle.html
  5. I fell you pain and be glad Hilary lost the election or you would have this to look forward to. This is how it works here in Brazil, in October I sent a request to the Military for authorization to purchase 1000 primers, 1 kg of powder and 200 rounds of 20ga shotgun ammo. Well here it is January and I am still waiting for the Military to send me the authorization letter. I can not order the material without that letter. I heard it may be another 2 months wait on the authorization letter (hoping they approve it). Hind sight being 20/20, I would have requested to purchase more to hold me over the waiting period.
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