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  1. 32 Colt brass available ... https://www.rccbrass.com/?s=32+Colt&post_type=product
  2. LC Smith locking lugs were not made for the stress shooting Cowboy and will break easily. Ask me, I have one that is a parts shotgun or face an expensive rebuild of the lug
  3. Stevens 311 series and other brands madding the 311. A work horse and available parts on Numrich, Gun Parts https://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=219035
  4. Eezox ... cleans - lubes and rust preventative with one application. Forget about the multiple applications
  5. When I look back, Uberti M1860 used for $425 and a M1866, new for five and change They are making more worth each year
  6. Loophole’s picture is exactly the same I started out with. In 2000, Ruger produced only 2000 of the 4 5/8” birdsheads in stainless. I bought one and it took me 2 years to find the 2nd. Than faux checked ivory grips and the Uberti’s became safe queens. 2 years ago, one side of the cylinder blew out and was required to buy 3 1/2” one for replacement. Many 1000’s of black powder 45 Colt reloads have been through them...
  7. Dawg, I have black powder made in modern time, even DuPont and Meteor made in the 50’s and the 70’s. Chronographing these reloads over the years, they do not improve with age
  8. http://www.shilohrifle.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4107 .... has smokeless data I shoot only 45-90 black powder with 82gr of Fg powder
  9. Reduced Shotgun Recoil Sheet .... https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/reducedrecoilshotshellloads.pdf Reduced Rifle Recoil Sheet. . . https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/h4895-reduced-rifle-loads.pdf Reduced Trail Boss ... https://hodgdon.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/trail-boss-reduced-loads-2018.pdf All the sheets ... https://hodgdon.com/resources/data-sheets/
  10. Which ever 40-65 you buy, Don’t buy the Chaparral 1876 clone. Very accurate barrel but the action parts were a nightmare to correct. Took 3 drives up to Charter Arms in CT, the service center and spend all day each trip going through the parts for proper fits. Was for my rifle and a good friend who bought one also after got them worked out, no complains with wood and barrel if your really interested, there is a forum on CasCity devoted to the 40-65
  11. Easy swap, any gunsmith can do. Take your pick ... https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=Gunsmith&find_loc=Houston%2C+TX
  12. Goex sued Cleanshot and they changed the sugar based sub to Clearshot. Then the plant burned down about 2005. Both were poor subs, so might want to use it in the garden APP on their website has loading data for muzzleloaders for the powder and pellets
  13. Dave, multiple choices ... https://www.google.com/search?q=40-65 rifles for sale &ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-m
  14. Hardpan ..... Yep. That means you have to buy twice to get enough brass for one scenario
  15. Mark, you will find that the Henry 22 has the smoothest action of any rifle on the market Was told by Nick Eckert, owner of Charter Arms, he designed the action for Henry Arms
  16. https://www.starlinebrass.com/45-colt-brass and the going price for any 45 Colt brand once fired is up to 50 cents a case. Time to put separate security on my Starline reloads and empties ... about over $1750 Saw one vendor had some and the purchase limit is 10 cases This shortage is becoming really ridiculous
  17. White Corian grips engraved years ago on the Birdsheads by a vendor from Florida... don’t remember their name and believe out of business Shooting black powder, defiantly helps prevent grips sliding in the hands
  18. In stock ... https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/4204/category/333/category_chain/578,349,333/product_name/PA4000+Fiber+Shotgun+Wads+12+Gauge https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/category/category_id/333/name/Patches%2C+Wads%2C+Lubes+%26+Speed+Loaders/
  19. Fretless, the bell on the case mouth has to be consistory the same for any bullet so that only 1/2 of the bullet base can be set in the flared mouth. Differences in the size of the flare will allow different neck tension for the the bullet to be seated deeper into the case. Also, a clean cup or gum in the seating die will produce reload OAL’s to be different. Further, seating die plug cavities are generic, so for a given bullet nose to fit exactly in the cavity, I fill it with hot glue, spit on the bullet, twist it in the glue and cut the excess off the rim ... perfectly seated bul
  20. Plenty of lead for sale with cost between 2,30 to 2,50 per pound ... https://www.ebay.com/b/Pure-Lead/71118/bn_7023258874
  21. Warden, considered cutting the barrels shorter?
  22. https://shop.hodgdon.com/winchester/winchester-wst
  23. Warden, hardness tester with pencils ... https://forum.castbulletassoc.org/thread/dhccking-lead-hardness-with-drawing-pencils/
  24. I wear hearing aids that have channels. One is calibrated to stop all noise above 80 decibels
  25. As of 2019 ... “This smelter’s impending closure leaves just two primary lead producers within North America — Teck’s Trail in western Canada and Peñoles’ Torreón in northern Mexico.
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