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  1. Made to Title but not the post ... Colt 51 Navy US Marshal. Like them so much, haven't used the '58 NMA's in years! Want a pair, $500! http://www.checkpointcharlies.com/ecommerce/handguns/antique-handguns/f.lli-pietta-colt-1851-navy-u.s.marshall-.44,-fully-engraved.html
  2. Been using hot glue for years - perfect seal & zero bore issues
  3. Coffinmaker - I too would be on the early list BUT ... in NJ, I have to obtain 2 permits 1st to buy BP cap & ball revolvers! Then they have to be shipped to an FFL!
  4. 36 Caliber - $395 3.5" Barrel 41.6 ounces Micarta Grips Laser engraved stainless I do believe a pair of my 58 NMA's will be sold to get these!
  5. The definitive resource loading black powder shotgun shells. Scroll down the web pages to the 3 page 'How To' detail about loading solid brass shells http://www.tbullock.com/bpsg.html
  6. 85 dBA - Long term exposure risk 120 dBA - Risk of hearing damage after 7 minutes exposure 140 dBA - Immediate risk of hearing damage I wear hearing aids due to long term shooting with no hearing protection that are calibrated to cut off any noise at 85 dBA. Sure wish I had started wearing hearing protection 60 years ago!
  7. email address

    1. Navy Six

      Navy Six

      Hi John, just saw your reply about cap availability. I'll be leaving in about 20 minutes--soon as Gregg Sherwood gets here--on our way to Dixons & Cabelas. Say a prayer for me to NOT break the bank as its too cold to be thrown out on the street and i don't think Patti or the dogs would like it!! Let you know later what I find. Pat

  8. One more:

    45-70 Lyman 457124 387gr Lyman#2 Starline CCI LR XMP5744 29.1gr 1391fps

  9. Here's another:

    45-70 Lyman Paul Matthews 497gr 0.338BC 1:10 Starline CCI Br2 XMP5744 28gr 2.642COL 1226fps

  10. Lee 459-405HB 405gr 0.307BC 1:20 Starline CCI LR IMR 4350 48gr NA 2.565COL 1200fps Crimp

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