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  1. I loaded 50 rounds with Ideal 375166 and 42 gr of FFg powder and took them to the Ridgway high range, a couple of years ago…

    * shot the 50 rounds consecutively from 500 meters back to 200 meters, with minor verniers changes  on the steel with accuracy, a few misses too,…. and no blow tubing or patching for the 50 rounds

    * when finished shooting the 50, with 3 cotton balls dipped in plain water and one dry cotton ball … the bore was absolutely clean

    …. 48 degrees and 60% humidity


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  2. * Clean the magazine tube

    * Put 5 rounds in the magazine

    * Give the rifle to an experienced shooter and fire the 5 rounds

    * Come back to Wire and tell us EXACTLY what happened when the experienced shooter shot the 5 rounds ……

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  3. I remember the first day that El Diablo sat down at the table to shoot a Buffalo steel at 300 yds with my Pedersoli 45-90 with black powder … including coaching.

    It’s nice to say that the student progressed to shoot better than the mentor

    El Diablo progressed quickly to be the New Jersey Mid Range Champion

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  4. When the Chronicle was 100% paper, one could determine the number of members because Postal Notice had to beposted in the magazine with the number of magazines mailed. Now it is a combo of paper and Internet which doesn’t have to be counted in the Notice

  5. Father Kit, having MANY Single Shots in several safes, if I knew back when what I have now, I would have stopped and spent the money only for a CPA 44 1/2 all the calibers and configurations, plus Unertl scopes that I have.  With my CPA I can shoot any distance out to 1000 plus or sport (Bench, silloutte or Schuetzen)

    by just changing the barrel caliber and extractor 


    * Silloutte and Schuetzen forearms & stocks, plus palm rest

    * Barrels … 32-40, 25-21, 38-55, 45-60 and 45-70

    * One Baldwin vernier LR with interchange bases … each with globe bubble foresight 

    Scopes … With different magnifications, either Unertl’s or Feckers

    ""……………. Now, the suggestion for your CPA…. Silloutte woods, Baldwin LR vernier with 2 bases & 1 staff and Douglas barrels in 38-55 and 45-70

    Cost … See website for prices with the configuration you want



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  6. Lapdog, a very simple procedure and you must own a caliper …

    *. Put a reload in the magazine, and keep trying to chamber them with measurements until the nose of of the round clears the top of the chamber and doesn’t hang up on the chamber  ramp.

    * load 6 dummies and rack them quickly into the chamber.  If no hang ups, write theCOL number down and adjust your seating die to that number

    Any round proper COL is dependent on the length of the bullet and depth it is seated in th case

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  7. SASS is the only sport that calls shooting at 300 yd targets, Long Range … It’s really one of the shooting distances for Mid Range Matchs which are … 200, 300 and 600.

    Any match over 600 to 1000 is Long Range

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  8. Bag Balm finger wipe for reforming and resizing… 15 yr experience with it and can’t remember having to pound the case out of the die

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  9. On many of my single shots, there are Pedersoli verniers. Maybe lucky or what ever, have MOA groups out to 300 yards, many shots at 200 to 500m steel and holes/lead splashes on 1000yd targets in the 9-10 rings plus centers with both Pedersoli windage & Soule verniers

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  10. Bull, I measure based on weight and based on your post …. I should have been carried out of the reloading room in a basket 

    And in the reverse case it could leave an air space and cause detonation and injury. That is why you never go by weight because lot to lot variation in density is common

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