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  1. I love the look of snow, on Christmas cards, calendars, advertisements, family photos, etc.


    I HATE 3 1/2 inches in my yard in the last five hours and more to come.


    Guess it beats other places I've lived... like Utah, Oregon, Illinois, the Carolinas......!


    I moved from all of them. Got nowhere left to go... and it'll warm up here before long.


    Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. All this week we have had predictions of clear weather and temperatures in the high 50s.


    All this week it has rained every day and never been warmer than 52.


    Not a single weather predictor has been fired nor forced to quit... nor run out of town on a rail wearing a feather coat.

  3. Remember Zumwalt's beards and parochial school uniforms? How about navy camouflage blue uniforms? (If I end up in the water I WANT to be seen, thank you very much.)


    I think the Navy has a special school where they teach senior officers how to develop and promote stupid ideas.

  4. Whisky or Whiskey? Without breaking the bank MaCallan 12 yr and Bulleit Rye or Bourbon. A second chance for whiskey would be Rebel Yell.....yeah its cheaper but its quality stuff.

    The Scots spell whisky without the E.


    Look into Thumb Butte Distillery in Prescott, AZ. They have a number of highly rated liquors... like Escalante dark rum... and others that are rated very well.

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  5. I had no idea that anyone still build autogyros.


    The only one I ever saw was built by Harry Durant of Anaheim, CA. Had a 1600cc VW engine and the rest was pretty much built by Harry himself.. Only flew once and was very successful. Ugly as a bucketful of sin, but very successful.


    Harry is a story all by himself, but way too long to tell here. Just a hint: he started flying a "kite" observation plane (I can never recall the type) against Pancho Villa's rebels before WWI.

  6. From National Geographic online.


    Why Cats Poop on Your Bed and Other Odd Pet Behaviors



    Has this ever happened to you???


    It has never happened to me because I don't own a cat.

    That would be a one time occurrence.


    I wouldn't mistreat an animal but I wouldn't let it back in the house again, either. I wouldn't tolerate that from a dog and I like dogs a lot better than I like cats.

  7. In the 60's C-4 worked very well and heat a canteen cup full of water quickly. Quickly was more important to us at the time than safety or other considerations.

    First time ever did that (I had seen it many times before) I caused a new 2LT a major cardiac upset. :D

  8. To be clear, C rations were still in the inventory when I first enlisted, but were not widely used. We mostly ate the first generation of MRE (with the chocolate-brown packaging), which did not have a heater. The heaters came along later. I think we're on the 4th or so generation of MREs now, and heaters (including the "rock or something" instructions) are standard.

    I've been involved in military rations since 1957.


    C rats weren't too bad and I never personally saw anything else until after I got out in 1978.


    I do remember a lot of guys going to surplus stores and bringing back cases of canned heat / Sterno. Made life a bit more tolerable.



    That's how they got rid of Jimmy Hoffa!! ;):lol::lol::lol:

    Heard an old FBI agent tell of a hound dog tracing Jimmy's scent to a dog food factory out side of town. Never did figure if the dog was tracking Hoffa or scouting for a meal. Maybe both.

  10. Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December

    But the days grow short when you reach September

    When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

    One hasn't got time for the waiting game


    Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few

    September, November

    And these few precious days I'll spend with you

    These precious days I'll spend with you

    And here I thought you didn't care. :P

  11. After I got done plowing. I came in a whipped up a pot of SOS for lunch. Haven't done that in.....well

    I never have. :D


    My folks, may they rest In peace, were married for 67 years. The closest they ever got to a divorce was when my Dad got back from Europe after WWII. He warned my Mom, if she ever served him Spam, he would divorce her on the spot! I've never had Spam. Saw one of the episodes on the food contest, "Chopped" where one ingredient the chefs had to use was "canned ham". Sure looked like Spam to me, but without the label! :ph34r: I think the only time I ever had SOS was in AFROTC summer camp. Never during active duty, than heavens!

    When my family and I returned fro 2 1/2 years on Okinawa my dad fried up a mess of fresh trout and Mom mad a rice pudding. I explained that 2 1/2 years on Okinawa sort of soured me towards fish and rice. Dad cracked up laughing. Mom was hurt until Dad explain what I meant and we ended up going out for fried chicken.

  12. I must have been blessed. I had great food in the army. SOS was very good.


    It got up to +30 degrees Fahrenheit, this morning. Maybe the really cold weather

    has gone back to Canada. I hope.

    Once upon a time long long ago I was a Company Commander of Okinawa. We were a "transient Mess hall", meaning we were open 24/7 for anyone traveling through Okinawa to anyplace else. It also meant we got extra rations and money to buy food on the local markets.


    I was blessed with SFC Letholian Waddles, a chef of the old trackside hobo jungle school who could make a cast iron stove taste good. He turned out meals that even visiting Generals raved about.


    Never ate his own cooking and explained that, "if you're in it up to your elbows all day every day you simply don't want to eat it. He went to the NCO Club for lunch and home for dinner.

  13. What is SOS?

    Boy, does your education have a gap that needs to be filled... soon!.


    THAT WAS MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST IN THE CHOW HALLS. Can't find it in civilian eateries, though.

    Stauffer's makes a passable frozen mix that works when I'm in a hurry. Over toast, biscuits, even English muffins. It stick to your ribs like the real McCoy.

  14. After I got done plowing. I came in a whipped up a pot of SOS for lunch. Haven't done that in.....well

    I never have. :D

    I love to make SOS once in awhile. Army style with hamburger or Marine / Navy style with chipped beef. Add a dash of tabasco and some fresh ground black pepper and it's a meal all by itself.

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