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  1. Wasn't Bruce Dern the only guy to shoot John Wayne in the back?


    I'm not a John Wayne or the highway fan of his, but after that, I wanted to punch Bruce Dern in the face, even if it was 40 years after the movie!

    How 'bout the bartender in The Shootist?


    Or the cute girl in El Dorado?

  2. HOT WATER is for sissys.

    Well then, I'm a sissy.


    Wanna make something of it? Well, do ya?


    Is your answer is YES then show up any time and bring your own burying box.


    If your answer is NO then show up any time and I'll take you someplace really nice where you can buy me dinner.

  3. I'm guessing it's hard to be Grumpy in the USA ,,,, Now ...


    All the best ...


    Coffee and peach crumble fer da Grumps ...



    Jabez Cowboy

    I don't know. I'm still disappointed that out of three hundred sixty MILLION people in this country those were the best two we could find. :unsure::wacko::blink::rolleyes:

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  4. You hit the bullseye Loop.


    Isn't it sad that the US (and other nations) gave so much and lost so much to let it all just slip away, forgotten or ignored, put to the torch of political correctness and leaving us so diminished as to approach the point of becoming irrelevant?


    For me, at my age, I don't care a lot, but I greatly regret the increasingly liberal world that we are leaving my grandson and mourn the loss of a better world for him.


    We should have done better.

  5. The war had been going on for several years with the US playing only support roles and pretty much staying out of the hard parts. Then Japan made a fatal error by forcing us into the heart of it and just over three and a half years late we had become the major player worldwide..... and a large part of the world lay in ruins.


    I recently found and bought a three disc DVD set of Victory at Sea and America's Wars. After a three night session watching VAS it occurred to me that out country has nor even fought, much less won, a war since 1945.


    Korea: a 60+ year "cease fire" that we essentially walked a way from without ending anything.


    Cuba: The Bay Of Pigs tells that story.


    Vietnam: we pulled out after our cowardly government abandoned our allies to the horrors of a Communist take over.


    Grenada: In and out almost overnight without any real solution.


    The Middle East: going on for decades without end in sight and with a stronger enemy than when we started.


    I also noticed that we helped win that war without consideration for "collateral damage". Maybe we need to return to that mind set.

  6. Had a lady Major fire a privately owned S&W 29 inside a bunker in Dalat.


    She never did that again. Seven people rendered deaf in a split part of a second. If she had only shoved the muzzle outside the port a few inches....

  7. Hell, son, I thought you'd been drafted, abducted by guys in flying saucers, or were doing time for something. Someone even suggested you'd been shot by a jealous husband or boyfriend.


    Good to see you back and find out you're just like the rest of us.

  8. If someone isn't happy with Amazon's customer service they shouldn't be buying online.. none better!

    I might be delighted with their customer service if I could find a freakin' number for them...and if my password didn't get changed every four months or so... and if they would put simple info like measurements, etc. in the ad.


    And don't ever think that you have a right to tell me whether or not I should be shopping anydamnwhere.

  9. VA gave me Oticon brand hearing aids. I almost never wear them because they aren't all that great except in very noisy situations. They do cut out a lot of nose at certain frequencies and are tunable, so they are good in theatersand such. I never take them to the range because they don't help or hurt and they are annoying.

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