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  1. I would fire the presenter and everyone involved in this fiasco.  They wouldn't get paid and they would get the worst possible and insulting recommendation I could devise.  


    I'd even ban them from the campus and any school-owned property.


    I even go so far as to identify every one, including pictures of them, on public TV and any other media I could think of and, if they were a graduate of the school I'd revoke their diplomas and other credentials.


    This is totally unacceptable.

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  2. On 5/11/2024 at 1:25 PM, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:



        ................... it's the one that wants to kill you.   :mellow:

    You gotta be more specific than that.............and good luck with that.  It's been tried a whole bunch of times and I'm  still here.  Some of those guys that tried ain't.  :P  :o  :D

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  3. 9 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    Well then, you're wrong aint cha?  


    Biscuits and gravy "my style" (Southern style biscuits with sausage, Tabasco sauce, and fresh ground black pepper) are the basis of life.  A side of four or so slices of bacon, OJ / AJ 50-50 mix, and coffee to round it out.


    One serving a day will keep you going until you're at least 82 years old....and beyond.

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  4. Our High School Army ROTC  got three of them in 1958.  The three top shooters on the pistol team were issued them. I got a Ruger #1.  I was sixth out of 14 shooters.


    Never did get to shoot a 41 and never liked the Ruger well enough to own one.

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  5. Five Oreos

    1/4 cup Tollhouse chocolate drops

    Two 3 Musketeers bite size candy bars

    Two heaping tablespoons original Ovaltine powder

    1/4 cup cold milk


    Break it all into small pieces and eat up.


    Caution: have Tums on hand and plan on staying awake for a day or two.

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  6. I'll try to keep my Impala running until I die.  It has some issues, but I've learned to deal with them and it had the largest trunk on the market (My Sicilian friend called a Mafia certified nine body trunk.) except for one MB sedan, has some blind spots where a semi can hide, and gets a whopping 23 MPG average.


    The little window on the dash that keeps giving me totally stupid messages is annoying and it's very often unreadable because some idiot designed it so glare at any time of the day or night washes everything out.  That includes my rear view camera.


    The front doors are very heavy and my busted up old body has to remember not to park on any slope that forces me to open the driver's side door up even the slightest bit.


    I can't disable the passenger front window button (I can shut down both rear windows) and my dog can open it and try to get out at eighty miles and hour so I have to be vigilant.


    The radio controls are so automated I can't work them without parking to change stations.


    I'll keep iy though because I paid cash for it and it has had very few problems and there are only 39,000 miles on it.

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  7. I bought an Impala the year before they dropped it and the Malibu was supposed to replace the Impala.  It did, but it wasn't near as nice a car. 



    I think they will go the way of the Studebaker before long

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  8. Glad it turned out that way.  I never thought Brando was a real actor.  He never impressed me even a little bit.  Schell, on the other hand, didn't appear to be acting at all and turned out brilliant performances.

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  9. 5 hours ago, ShadowCatcher said:

    That's too bad, but it says a lot about where we are culturally and economically.


    I like self checkout as an option - if I'm buying a box of nails or a loaf of bread I don't

    like having to wait behind 3 other shoppers with full carts and a lot to talk about with the






    You best stay out of Walmart.  When I went through their new "faster and more convenient" check out lines yesterday they had fewer checkout lines, a bunch of employees directing traffic....and screwing it up horribly (took twenty five minutes instead of ten), and pi$$ed off everyone for thirty miles.


    I'll go back because they are the only place for miles that sell the jeans I like and have larger packages of  Denta-Stix tiny dog chewy treats, and about once  a year I get my gasses adjusted or buy new frames.  I'll wake up the chickens and get in and get out.


    Amazon has a hub five miles from my house and it's very seldom I need something so quickly that they can't get it to me in time.....and I am learning to adapt to that minor inconvenience.

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