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  1. 8 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    Same here. 

    Yeah, but I had more in the car just in case.  Come to think of it never needed more except a couple of times at special events where there were a lot of people.  Then I carried a few extras.

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  2. On 4/15/2024 at 12:37 AM, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

    Dear Ole Forty: 

    Yes, the they need to be awoken Up, a swift kick in the rear just maybe what is needed.

    And in person voting with ID checked, Instead of Voting Machines .


    Jabez Cowboy


    And you're banking on all that happening?

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  3. Tried to send you a response to your message but I'm having computer problems...AGAIN!!!


    That is a VERY impressive ceremony, my friend, and I'm still awed by your chapel.  


    Thank you, my friend.



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  4. Seems to have had all it took and I'm glad to share her name.


    There have been an awful lot of Taylors of both genders and at least four races who were teachers.  My sister and I are the last of our branch with four kids between us and we were both teachers.  None of our kids followed us and so far none of our grandkids have.

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  5. 22 hours ago, Yul Lose said:

    It’s an app and has about anything you can think of, lots of craft, cooking, woodworking, guns, travel, lots of weird stuff.

    Wait!  What, guns are weird?  Not in my world they ain't.

  6. 16 hours ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    Pull rig will be my chevy 2500 hd duramax. With 3/4 ton truck it could pull alot more. I don't want to max trucks ability. I prefer weights that will be about 1/2 what my truck is rated for. The 5th wheel size I'm looking for will be on the small size. Since I will probably be only one using it I won't need alot, still a place sleep cook eat and place to shower.


    1 hour ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:

    Although motor homes may have their disadvantages:

    [  ] Cost of Insurance
    [  ] Engine upkeep/repairs
    [  ] No vehicle to drive once camp is set up

    They can easily be off-set by these advantages:

    [  ] Go to the bathroom on the road (wife drives while you hit the head)
    [  ] Cook meals while on the road or at a Rest Stop
    [  ] On Board generator for power on demand
    [  ] Can pull either a Cargo Trailer, Vehicle, Boat, etc.

    Because they are self contained, consider when weather conditions cause your home to lose power for extended period of time, ie. Hurricane, as a Motor Home will provide everything you need, HVAC, water, electricity, etc., that a camper or 5th Wheel alone cannot provide without power.


    We lived comfortably in our RV outside our house for 3 days while we were without power from Hurricane IRMA.






    That would be my choice.  


    Park it and don't worry about it being somewhere you won't be.  Drive it like a car or small truck. Pull over to rest, etc., without worrying about finding a place to leave the trailer.  Have almost all you need right behind you and convenient.  Don't fret about getting the rig all hooked up when you're ready to leave and storing it when you get home.  Put a small motorcycle on the back for short trips, like to the store, if that suits you.  Add a roof rack for an awning or small storage on your trip.

  7. When I read the title of this post I thought "Hey!  That's a great idea!"


    Silent movie stars wouldn't be in every form of news, and information media, and in no form of entertainment, spewing their leftist crap all over my nation and influencing our our children and the weak-minded among us and destroying our history, culture and values.


    Let's try it for a change.

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