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  1. About that time of year again.  Had an hour or two of a bit of very welcome rain and some winds with gusts up around sixty mph.  Drove my little dog nuts for awhile, but not much else to set it aside.....




    I just went over to the the library and saw people in every vacant lot for two miles picking up hundreds of campaign signs.  Some laying in the dirt or brush, some wound all up on fences, some in ditches, some piled up against buildings, some just in sign piles, and some in the roads.


    Something punched my funny bone and I had to pull over and laugh until my sides hurt.  I know a lot of those candidates personally and I just struck me as hilarious.  One of my favorites had set his signs up on sturdy angle iron frames all bolted together and driven into the ground.  I like the guy and voted for him, but he was out there picking up his own signs (and a few others) up to his knees in mud and debris.  He proved that he isn't afraid to get to work and to get dirty.


    I hope he wins.

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  2. I love belugas, especially one named Dolly who was at the big aquarium in San Diego.  They had a huge multi-story tank and I spent a lot of time going up and down those levels playing hide and seek with Dolly.


    I didn't have a lot of money and Active Duty military got in for free.  It was about an hour walk from MCRD San Diego so several guys would get together and walk up.  Some would watch the dolphins, some the rays, some other things, but I was always where the belugas were.


    I still like the "smile" on a beluga's face......can't help but smile back.

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  3. On 7/12/2024 at 11:36 AM, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    I'd like to see this made an international crime, punishable by mandatory prison time, no bail, not fines or probation.

    Bail or fines are just the cost of doing business.

    If a country refuses to act, figure out a way to shut off their internet access.

    In my view, until that happens, this type of crime will only grow.


    It should be a capital offense!


    These useless AHs are destroying peoples' lives and are not even being sought out, much less called to task over their offenses.


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  4. I started off with a couple of ounces of Boar's Head sweet slice ham, chopped up into quarter inch bits.


    Three  large eggs scrambled or whole, your choice.  They'll get mixed along the way.


    Add Half tablespoon in minced white or Burma onion and the same amount of green bell pepper.


    A couple of tablespoons of Kerry Gold salted butter.


    A small spoonful of left over hash browns, one slice of left over bacon,  a half  link of Jimmy Dean sausage, some minced garlic, one slice of Sargento Baby Swiss cheese, an itty-bitty  dab of prepared horse radish, a dash or two of Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper to taste, mushroom slices or bits and stems...if you want them


    All this is in a large skillet on medium low heat.


    Stir the bejabbers out of it until everything is well mixed, then add "The Secret Ingredient".  Increase the heat to medium or  a bit above and pour in a tablespoon and a half of clover honey and stir until it's all ready to eat.  You'll be surprised at how the honey adds some "pop" to the flavor of everything else.


    I put a half dozen black olive slices on top because I had them left over and they looked neato-keen. 


    You can add toast (I had white and some jalapeno jelly at hand) and it turned out very well.

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  5. Check the web.  You can probably find a kit to make wheels for it.  The next bigger size comes with wheels and the one after that has a limber or caisson.

    BTW, this is not an original idea.  When I worked at a gun store in Anaheim a customer found a repro with a 16" barrel and a detachable wooden stock.  Being a tinker and gadgeteer, he built a set of wheels and a caisson for it.  He even rigged it to  fire with a lanyard.    


    He designed the caisson to be a gun cart for SASS.

  6. 8 hours ago, watab kid said:

    sorry , i misread , im wrong here -


    i thought both in college , mine both went to school - lived at school , even the one that went to school here , the scholerships paid for the room and board and they learned the difference of home and adulthood , im sure ill get lots more responses but my kids are independent have great families and are always welcome ,,,,,,,,just never moved home [they could if needed] 


    a high schooler here would never get pushed out , be held close , hoping things were well prepared for their departure first , voth of my kids left for college and only returned for brief visits as i doid with my folks , my grandchildren are here for extended periods , two coming tomorrow , 

    My dad told us the night I brought home my new bride (we eloped) that my wife could come there any time she wanted and stay as long as she wanted.  He told me the same thing but added " but you don't want to come more than twice a year and you don't want to stay more than three nights".


    I told my son the same thing.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Pat Riot said:

    AT&T says call logs and texts made in 2022 were taken.


    From the article:

    AT&T says hackers stole records of nearly all cellular customers' calls and texts

    The data contains records of calls and texts between approximately May 1 and Oct. 31, 2022, and on Jan. 2, 2023.
    That’s about the gist of it unless you want to deal with NBC’s Online Tabloid Circus. Actually, this page is a lot cleaner. 
    I switched to AT&T in August of ‘92 because Verizon, the former big dog of cellular hasn’t kept up with technology nationwide. Their service sucks in WV and SW PA. 
    I guess I will stand by for more Indian, Philippino, Ukrainian, Russian,Chinese  dumbassery. Heck since my info has been hacked at one of my old jobs, Anthem Blue Cross and a couple of others I get nearly 50 Spam emails a day. 
    My credit has been frozen since before Covid. That’s really the only defense we have against this crap. Our government sure as heck isn’t doing anything about it. I have unfrozen it and refrozen it a couple of times. It’s a pain, but in my view, a necessary one. 

    And everywhere else, too.  I had a run in with them about a year and was charged a ridiculous amount for a   total lack of service for less than a week before I cancelled it.


    I finally got an attorney and paid him about three times what Verizon was trying to collect (actually they "sold" it a collection agency).  This attorney is a shooting acquaintance and he billed the collection company.  When they paid him he gave my money back and charged me a breakfast a Gen's Cafe.



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  8. 1 hour ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    I have a friend who used a workmate to sight in. He would clamp into workmate fire 1 round, adjust scope to bullet hole. Next shot be on. How many of you use this technique?

    I don't have a Work Mate but I was taught that by my dad when I was just getting stared with guns...maybe six or seven years old.  He used to lash the rifle to a spare tire on the trunk of his old car.


    It works with iron sights, too, but it's harder.


    I learned to do that every year before hunting season and have used in the field if I bump a sight or find it off.  Four to six feet of para-cord is always with me out in the boonies and trees are always near.

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  9. I was writing one of my stories and was on a roll when I suddenly couldn't remember how to spell "of".  Simple, everyday word but I tried every variation I could think of (?) with a "v"sound.


    "To hell with it!" say I, and I went to get a bowl of ice cream.  I finished it and as I put the bowl in the sink a light came on in my head: "DUMB ASS!" it flashed at me.


    That was back in about 2008, but it's still in there, blinking on every now and again.

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  10. 8 hours ago, ShadowCatcher said:


    I have a GE fridge in my garage.  Bought it about the same time I got the hair brush.  We brought it when we moved to Arizona....and it wouldn't fit the space in the kitchen.  We put it in the garage where it still serves nobley, but it looks like hell these days.  Never did hook up the ice maker.


    Bought another GE that fit the space.  It went over the hill a year ago, so I bought another GE simply because it was on sale and cost about half of the others.....but nearly three times the one it replaced nine years before.


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  11. Today I replaced a nylon hair brush that bought when we moved to Ontario, CA in 1977.  I bought it from my new barber who almost instantly became  a great friend.....died about 15 years ago.  I seem to remember paying about a dollar for it.


    I retired it, not because it wasn't useable anymore, but because it had lost about half the bristles and because it was badly stained and unsightly.  I'll keep it for awhile in case I need back up.  The new one is a bit "light weight".  It cost $11.00.  We'll see how long it holds up.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Alpo said:

    Yes, this was on a TV show. And I looked at it and I thought - wow. I sure wouldn't do that.


    But maybe I'm just too damn old. Times have changed and I haven't changed with them.


    You are a single parent. You have two teenage children. One a freshman in college and the other a sophomore in high school. Both of them live at home.


    You meet somebody that you like greatly.


    Would you invite them to your home, where your children live, to spend the night with you?


    Yes I understand that just because you're a parent does not mean you no longer wish to have sex. But would you have sex with someone you were not married to in your house when your children were there?


    As I say, I wouldn't. I'd go to her house.

    My kids never lived at home once they moved out.  I stayed married for 51 1/2 yers when my wife died.


    The situation never turned up.

  13. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot said:

    I just “liked” your post.

    Go up to where it shows you got a “Like”

    Click on it. 
    You will see an Envelope.

    Click on it.

    Click on Compose New

    In the address bar start typing “The Original Lumpy Gritz”

    His name will appear.

    Click on it and his name will go in the address bar. 
    Type your message theme hit SEND.




    And tell him "Howdy" for me.  Thanks.

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  14. On 7/5/2024 at 5:39 PM, Alpo said:

    Dang. I was not aware they had M16s during the Korean War.


    But obviously they did, otherwise how would that obnoxious old fart know how the gun worked?

    Us obnoxious old farts can work damn near any gun that comes along and I earned the right to be obnoxious to any young puke that tries to talk down to me or treat me like  don't know anything or in any way whatsodamnedever with even a hint of disrespect.

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  15. 10 hours ago, Irish Pat said:

    think B-17


    Toby, "mascot" for bomber pilots and crews in WWII.  He lived in the bars  and clubs of US and Brit pilots and crews, and when they turned his face toward the wall the bar was closed......"Drink up.  Lights out in ten.  Mission tomorrow"!


    My wife worked for an attorney who had been a bombardier on B-24s in Europe.  He had "Toby", chipped, stained, and battle worn, on a shelf above his desk until he died.

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  16. For most of 51 1/2 years we worked together as one.  We did so many things alike that it didn't matter if once in awhile one of us did something different.


    Our 59th anniversary is the 16th of this month, a week from today ,but I've been alone for 8 years and three weeks.....and I still miss her and do things the way we always did.

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  17. 17 hours ago, watab kid said:

    i was so confused by this that i read the whole thing and still only partly get it - i got no fungus but i think that was the topic - ive not had tpo treat but i think that was part of the response , im guessing someone thinks it doesnt work as advertised ??????????????????

    I am merely stating something about the one product of many that I have tried over the last 25 years that DID work as opposed to the many, many, many that didn't.  I haven't heard anyone who didn't think it worked.


    Use it twice a day and after three months (it in't fast) you will see measurable results.  The dark colors of the fungus start to disappear after a week or two, but the rest takes longer.  Not that it dosen't do much for thick nails, but it isn't designed to.

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