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  1. 21 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Lets pretend for a moment that there are folks that have any productive input.

    But No, it is so much more fun to stand on the sidelines and throw stones. 

    There's a difference between throwing stones and dealing with reality. It costs money to publicize or promote something. The celebrities of the past were there because they were participants.

    IMHO the only value will come from some sort of national promotion in markets that aren't necessarily based on shooting or hunting platforms. Does SASS have that kind of funding?

  2. Let s pretend there are unicorns for a minute. Then we can fantasize that an actor would attend a major match at no cost.

    Then we'll need a film crew or people who know how to make a video without using an IPhone. $$$

    Then in order for this to be effective it needs to get out to national programs or publications. Putting it in the Chronicle or Facebook etc will get you a very low return.

    Commercials on sports shows, or prime time, approximately $125,000 per minute in small markets. As in not LA, Atlanta, Chicago etc.


    This is a $500,000+++ venture without paying the actors

  3. We've had stages where you soot the rifle, then proceed down range shooting SG targets stopping at a hale bale to shoot the former pistol targets. Shooter could stage the shotgun on the hale bale or hold it in his non-shooting hand. It works for dualists

  4. For us it was hard to watch. 90 yo trying to come off as a tough guy. Dancing scene was him standing basically. The kid overacted the part. His Mexican accent was more streets of LA than Mexico.

  5. DO NOT GO BY WHAT THE ADVERTISERS SAY, OR YOUR OWNERS MANUAL. The owners manual is a general reference guide. Look at the drivers side door jamb. It will have the exact towing capacities for your truck.


    Total combined GVW is a worthless number. The real number is listed as "cargo capacity". That would be tongue weight, people, junk in the bed. 

    And air bags do not add load capacity.

  6. Commifornia enacted legislation to require certain smog reduction and increased gas milage. Then along comes car pools and EV cars. The slow effect caused the revenue from the gas taxes to decrease. So what did they do? They increased the gas tax. With another reduction in gas usage it won't be long before the morons realize another reduction in revenue. Rinse and repeat.

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  7. There's historical artifacts that substantiate the Norse were here way before Columbus. And there are artifacts indicating the Chinese/Asians were along our west coast, way, way before anyone. The Italians get all bothered about this. 


    We didn't become the "America's" until Amerigo Vespucci got involved in the early 1500's. So Columbus didn't discover America!

  8. One of our better shooters 73 in 38 special. He uses a shortened round, as in the bullet is seated much deeper. He ground some additional clearance in the elevator, and they drop right in.

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  9. What exactly did you expect the outcome of your post would be? It's just you complaining about cats. Same issue with dogs killing squirrels, or cats or? 

    Dogs constantly barking day and night.

    We all could pile on about "pets" and how their owners manage them. But it would be to no avail.


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