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  1. We have a number of retired LEO's and US Marshals in our club. But we did the cops and cowboys thing once. We did the gun switch etc. The cops weren't used to shooting multiple targets at different distances and transitioning between guns.  They did not have fun. We invited them back. Their station supplied all the ammo and they could use their service guns. No one showed.


    I kind of see as inviting a gynecologist to a bottomless bar! 

  2. On 12/2/2021 at 8:23 AM, sassnetguy50 said:

    Then the officer has to make a split second decision.

    9 rounds in the back, for a handicapped guy in a slow moving scooter.  Seems legitimate.

    I hope the DA does right by this and charges the guy with murder. He's been fired and the department already said he was wrong.  

    Lawyers are lining up.

  3. Similar story to Jack Spade. When I travel I always went to the same few restaurants and sat at the bar to eat. You get to know the people. One of the young women I got to know and she was pregnant. She had told me money was tight and they were trying to just make ends meet. This was before she was pregnant.

    I left a $100 bill for her. She chased me down and said she couldn't take. I said its been in my wallet for a year looking for someone to help.

    She asked how to repay me. I said when you're my age find someone you can help.  She said she would. Best $100 I ever spent.


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  4. There have been a few instances in so called "mass" shootings where there red flags concerning the shooter. I remember one where the FBI was aware what a shooter "may" be going to do. They did noting and the guy did shoot a bunch of people.

    It was reported that this kid was off center and that people were aware he had problems that could cause trouble for the people at the school. In the past weren't parents held accountable for their minor children's actions?


    A side note on schools and tolerance. My daughter was in High School. A kid in one of her classes was constantly disrupting the class and making threats. One day he flipped out and started throwing chairs and fighting with people and the teacher. My daughter was knocked to the ground. They got the kid out fo the class. The next day the was back in class! The school didn't want to suspend him or cause any trouble.

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  5. Your flu shot is an annual version of what the CDC thinks this years mutated strain of influenza will be. You get one each year to attempt to combat the flu.


    COVID is a virus. It will mutate and you will need shots to address the new mutation. I said this in the beginning and got dumped on.

    I also repeated what the CDC said, as in the vaccine does not prevent you fro getting COVID it is intended to reduce the symptoms of COVID. I got dumped on for that also.

    Now we all know what reality is.

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  6. On 11/24/2021 at 9:38 AM, Tequila Shooter said:

    That looks familiar mine looked a lot like that. 

    Did you have the lever safety disabled? As I got faster shooting my 66 I had two out of battery discharges. That ended my shooting the 66 as a main match rifle.

    I had a hang fire in my 32-20/73. A piece of brass went through my top hat, hit me in the forehead, bounce up and put of the top of the hat. An ambulance ride later they discovered it didn't penetrate the skull. Just a nasty cut.

  7. Mom and Dad's first attempt to relocate to Calif. in the 30's they took 66. Driving through the desert in Calif. they were on board, wood, roads. Some sections could still be seen it he 60's but now???

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  8. If you're into horses then watching that is good. But they could have shortened it to get us to the ranch changing direction for revenue, and Jimmy becoming a show rider.   I assume.

  9. I ran 2 Honda 2000 gens for 10 years. I added a 5 gallon exterior tank that they connected to. It allowed me to fill them, run for the  day. I liked the ECO mode as they sit there idling until a demand hits, like AC.

    But, yeah theres always a but, I had to go outside to start and stop them. Cold and rain made that fun. Wakes you right up at night.

    As I got older the lifting and carrying gens, fuels tank, and gas got to be too much. We now have an on board Onan.

    One 2000 will not run your AC. With 2-2000's we still had the shut the AC off to run the microwave.

    One by itself will keep everything topped off, batteries, and useable except AC.



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