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  1. back to the burr,,, if someone has a burr under their saddle about me, I just try to kill them with kindness,,,, if I have the burr, I figure I taint perfect either and let it go,, sometimes it takes me a lil while to complete it, but I try....


    99% if the people in SASS are the salt of the earch,,, the other 1% are sometimes a challenge that has to be overcome...


    and yes, sometimes you have to walk away and put it in the past

  2. Phone rang at 6:20 this morning,,, friday,,, "you running late?" was the question....


    DUH!!! it is FRIDAY!! I cud hear a woman's laughter in the background,,, so two of them were 24 hours early!!!!


    glad it was not me!!!

  3. if you can get your hands on used carpet or cheap remnants, cut it about 3x4 feet and lay them over the legs.. two reasons.... it does cut down on splatter and it catches the lead as it goes to the ground,,, afterwards roll them up and dump the lead into a bucket,,,

  4. My memory of this issue may not be correct,and I have finally discarded most of the notes that I had of the many discussions while I was the Chair of the ROC. But my recollections are that the revolver in question was disapproved for use in SASS competition, at least in the USA. I'm sure that PW has his notes.... he has notes from the first Sand Box meeting in his Kindergarten class!




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