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  1. fwiw,,, I start with my strong hand, usually,  and after the beep it goes to my left hand so that my "claw" is available to grab the shooter if needed.    and changes back for the last firearm... 

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  2. let the shooter finish the course of fire, and watch the timer on the last shots,,, if it's broken, reshoot,  if you managed to get the last shots you haven't messed with the shooter...


    I don't look at the timer until the last shots being fired, all others have no consequence....

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  3. 23 hours ago, Bailey Creek,5759 said:

    That is a Beautiful shotgun.

    I see that it is stamped Japan.

    I am wondering why these shotguns are in such Big demand.

    The new Winchesters are made in Japan, seems everyone are running them down.

    Makes you wonder doesn't it.

    the folks that I know that have the winchesters by Miroku absolutely love them


  4. I had a rental unit empty out and wasn't too sure about making it, but, the place was pretty clean and in good shape, and using FB I've already got it rented for mid sept,,  which means I have time to play!  


    should be heading out friday morning

  5. yes I have the magnet, but we all know it's a drag trying to seperate the pins from the brass,,,  I have the blue seperator that "spins"   but that throws them all over if you go to fast,,,


    now,  I'm lucky, have a barn that I do my tumbling in,,,,   now I fill the blue "box" with enough water to cover at least a third of the basket,,, then I slowly spin it,,,  very few pins left in the basket,,,,   then I pour the water into a 5 gallon bucket of into the gravel,,, carefully so that the pins stay in the container,,,     much easier and quicker  and rinses the brass really well

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  6. ok, I"m cheap,,, a bought a hard shell golf bag and some 4" foam.   fits 4 long guns, 4 hand guns,,,,   when you drag it into a hotel, it does't raise eyebrows,  and if I leave it in the car,  I strap it down,    I've got to come up witha better locking system tho...



  7. I watched KK do the same thing,,, I kept telling him to put it down,,,,   the gunsmith on the property supposedly cleared it and the next time KK tried to shoot it, he put it down immediately,,,,  he threw it down the first time like a kid throwing a cat that had scratched him!!

  8. another cause for an Out of Battery is,  a bulge in the case,    as the round is being chambered, it stops suddenly as does the bolt, but the firing pin doesn't and fires the round,,,,


    or,, once I had a squib that hung up just into the rifling,, I didn't hear it and chambered another round, then it was as the above,  firing pin had enough energy to continue and fired the round,,, which upon exploding, ruptured the round below it,,,, dbl the sound, good thing it was a marlin,,, no damage


    and I had a bolt extention pin break once,, forcing the firing pin forward and locked,,,, fired upon closing the rifle,,,, at the ULT (i knew something had broken on the line, declared it broken, but didn't know what,,,,)


    as a TO if a shooter is trying to jiggle the lever with force, I tell them to lay it down, if they don't, I back away,,,,

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