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  1. my uncle had cancer 55 yrs ago that would require a bag,,,  somehow he learned how to control it without a bag,,, he covered the "spot" with a band aid,, he said he should have bought stock, and usually once a day he would disappear into the bathroom, or the woods,  and "empty" his innards.   he never used a bag until Alzheimer got him and he ended up in extended care...


    nowadays he could have had an info commercial on his "discovery"...


    he lived to 80 too,  and did this for nearly 50 yrs

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  2. Had the high honor of bestowing Jedi pins to these fine gentlemen today , although Mossy Pops was absent.  Congratulations to Thunder Creek Kid, Ole Rattlesnake and Mossy Pops

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  3. Eureka!! talk about coincidence!!! the trigger bolt spring apparently gave up the ghost when I put the new hammers in,,, the bolt was real mushy and then wasn't working at all...I didn't touch it when I did the install, but noticed it was weak and bent it to give more tension,,, a wire spring,,, that's when it gave up completely,, fortunately I had two new flat ones and now they both seem to be 'healed"!!


    Thank you Larsen for giving the heads up where to look!!!


    the Peitta,,, two slight swipes and it is much better, it may need a third to be near perfect,,, but after shooting today and messing with these for at least two hours I'll leave the Peittas for another day to perfect them,,, think I'll take them tomorrow too tho,,,run some rounds thru them


    thanks Larsen and OLG!!

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  4. I bought new hammers with lowered spurs for my smokewagons,,,,,


    1. both can over rotate the clynders,,, one worse than the other,,, seems like the bolt isn't popping up like it should... what to I need to smoothe out to fix this?



    2. my piettas,,, one has to be cocked pretty hard to catch the final cocking position so that the hammer doesn't fall before locking.. do I need to take a lil off of the sear...? two of the chambers are worse that the others...is the hand slightly to tall?


    help please....

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