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  1. I have 3 rings in my marlin from squibs,, the action is so tight I never hear the squib,, and figure I kicked out a round...


    38 125 non coated  no change in accuracy    rings are anywhere from maybe 12" out to nearly the end of the barrel


  2. 6 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Good call Joe. As stated on 1 the shooter engaged the rifle target when he jacked the round. As stated on 3, the shooter engaged the 5th target or he wouldnt know the pistol locked up.

    No info given on 2 to suggest the shooter engaged the 5th target. I'm guilty of that one by the way.


    What I'd like to clear up is if the shooter declares a pistol as broken, can he ship the targets for the remaining rounds in the pistol and go right to the next one without penalty.

    I.e. on the same scenario but pistol locks up after the 2nd round. So shooter engages targets 1 and 2, then gun locks up on target 3. (He has engaged targets 1,2,3 but not 4 and 5). 

    Shooter can start on target 3,4,5,1,2 and reload for 3,4,5 if he chooses.

    But, if he doesnt do that and instead with the 2nd pistol shoot targets 1,2,3,4,5 does he get a P for not engaging targets 4,5 the first go around?

    no,,, pistols are five shots each,,, not a single 10 shot run.. miss only


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  3. saw a shooter once trip over a 4x4 that stuck out from a prop,, one of the early shooters of the match tripped over it, fell and loaded pistols fell out of holsters,,  MDQ


    the prop was then fixed,,,


    my question is,,, since it was a prop problem, that was fixed for everyone else,, should that MDQ be forgiven, seeing how the rest of the shooters of the match didn't have to deal with that issue?

  4. I'll add this to enforcing the rules,,,, years ago a shooter broke the 170 with shotgun moving against his body,, usually people wud give a warning and thats all,   I sdqed him,, the next month he thanked me saying,,"now, I know which way my shotgun is pointing"....


    nuff said, except play by the rules,,, just do it politely


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  5. 6 hours ago, Tyrel Cody said:


    no p for jumping the gun,, restart,,, if it's a problem that's different,,,


    no penalty for starting shooting before the timer,, restart,,unless it's a often occurrence


    same for a shooter asking for several restarts,,, when it gets old,, tell them this time it's for real


    remember half of us are near deaf with ear plugs in to boot

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  6. 2 hours ago, Eliphalet R. Moderator said:

    Any revisions to rules or conventions have to be voted on by the Territorial Governors.  The ROC can propose changes, as in the "cocked hammer from the loading table", but do not just change rules on their own.   They can rule on interpretations.  Coming out with a new version of the Handbook every time someone thinks that wording should be changed would result in a never-ending stream of "updates", sort of like the ever-present "Windows updates".   


    We are currently using SHB Vers 23.2, just to show you how many revisions the Handbook has gone through.  For 2020 there will be a new version, and as always, there will be some updates to the wording, and clarifications.  But, they are trying to keep the Handbook manageable, and not publish and Encyclopedia version. 


    Please remember that the members of the ROC are volunteers, and as all of us, have real lives, jobs, and families.  They've been doing a great job, doing the best they can while balancing work/life, and other "real world" stuff.  So, give them a break instead of demanding immediate fixes. 

    +1  people have NOOOOO idea the amount of time the ROC has spent in the past, present and will in the future trying to keep things simple,,,yet try to cover almost every situation possible,,,  it gets old hearing whiners crying over things that are so simplistic and or only come into question every 20 years or so


    and you have NO idea of the heated discussions that go on in the ROC too,  but once it's settled it's done and everyone goes back to playing cowboy again


    flame away,,, I've got more!!

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Duffield, SASS #23454 said:

    Part of the LTO's job IS to count rounds.  That is why so many people object to the LTO, having to wait their turn to load while he an count the rounds is too inconvenient for them.  The penalty for overloading still goes to the shooter but the LTO can help him avoid this.  As LTO I have seen a shooter overload his rifle. 

    He preferred a trip to the unloading table to a P for overloaded rifle.

    If you never make a mistake counting, good for you.  I am sure that you have neve used an eraser, also.



    why the trip to the unloading table?

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  8. you really don't need to mess with round count to make the game interesting,,, I went to a regional once that had only 5 revolver rounds and you couldn't  split them for gf,  and only 9 rifle on that stage, 4 sg, and nothing else,,, told them I'd never be back, and haven't!


    you want interesting? try rifle, sg p sg p sg,,,,   doesn't matter the target sequence,,,  

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  9. you want to know WHY there is a penalty for overloading?  because before it was officially a penalty a few shooters were overloading the rifle because they had a habit of kicking out rounds and thought it was faster to load too many and if they didn't need it to just rack it out after the string...


    now, it isn't a penalty if you over load but don't use it and rack it out when you're done,, just don't use it


    at least that's how I remember it going down when the ROC acted on it...

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  10. Well, everyone should be home by now,, some things even put away, time to reflect and offer heart felt thanks to all who had a hand in putting on this fine match and to thank everyone who came.  without both you couldn't have a match.  115 of us had a fantastic time, if you didn't it was most likely your own fault.   interesting stages,, great food all weekend, (I didn't even cook my usual breakfast)  great people, well run in every aspect.  


    thank you thank you thank you

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